Top 5 Moments From 2016 VMAS
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Top 5 Moments From 2016 VMAS

11/10 if Beyonce is there, I will be watching.

Top 5 Moments From 2016 VMAS

Every year, just like the BET Awards, I'm open to watching the VMAS but end up not impressed. Due to the awkward hosting, shady moments to create internet buzz, and rigged winners, I'm always ready for it to hit the fan. This year at the VMAS was no different than the usual, but with some really good highlights. If it wasn't for these moments, the VMAS would of lost a viewer.

5. Key and Peele as hosts

The comedic duo was a good choice to choose this year compared to the host of 2015. (We won't speak her name, she's nonexistent. They kept it funny without overdoing it, and I just love them. They can't do no wrong. Was I the only one who caught Celebrity Deathmatch vibes from their set up?

Maybe it's just me?

4. Drake & his sappy speech for Rihanna's Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award

The 6 God himself actually at an award show? In real time?! All for Rih Rih. Drake in his in typical, emotional loverboy ways, gave an adorable speech for the Bad Gal. Being the recipient of THE award at the VMAS, this shows "was" suppose to be all about Rihanna. (We'll discuss why that was all shooked up later.)

Are we not gonna acknowledge that Drake "attempted" to kiss Rih and she curved him like an Allen Iverson crossover?!


Didn't she tell that she was a savage?

3. 2016 USA Olympics Women's Gymnastics. (And them meeting the Queen.)

The young ladies who run the world (minus Gabby Douglas) were looking lovely. Madison Kocian, Aly Raisman, Simone Biles, and Laurie Hernandez, announced who was the winner of the Best Female Video. Of Course, the winner was none other, then Queen B for "Hold Up."

Seeing the girls fan out was such an adorable moment, I bet it was one of the best moments in their life (besides slaying in all the medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics). Hernandez reacted as any average person.

Thanks for being the true MVP Laurie!

2. Bad Gal Rih Rih and all her performances

Rihanna served us four looks. Brought Barbados to America and got Drake to finally attend an award show!

Here were were the looks.

This was the opening of the show.

My favorite performance since she brought us the island vibes.

That 12 inch du-rag though?! She about to make du-rag popping all over again like it's 2002-2005.

(I can't even front, went she tried to hit that note on "Needed Me".......*covers face* She needed to find that note!)

Final look where she tried to reclaim the mic and sung a mash up of her ballads. Where was this voice during the other performances?! I'll wait...

I still luh you Rih Rih! Her outfits slayed and she gave us that swag that we all love.

1. *coughs* THE QUEEN serving us Lemonade!

Beyonce made some lemonade with them salty, dried up lemons from the previous performers. Shade no shade but the Queen blessed us with a 15 minute-ish compilation of all the songs from Lemonade. Basically she gave her fans who are broke, (aka I'm included too) a freshly squeeze of her tour. The entire performance was the best of the whole evening (Sorry Rih). She was THE only performer to gave us vocal, stage presence, and choreography WITHOUT running out of breath (Take notes everyone!)

Here are some of my favorite moments:

The classic "chicken head" dance. *flashbacks to Chingy's "Right Thurr*

My favorite Beyonce is the cussing, angry Beyonce.

After being SLAYED, I felt just like Key & Peele.

So there you have it folks! The only moment to remember of VMAS 2016. Sorry Ariana Grande and Nicki and a bigger sorry, I ain't sorry to Britney. Why would MTV shade her and her lip-sync her behind after the QUEEN! Yeezy said it best.

They should of called it BMAS (Beyonce Music Awards)

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