Top 30 Albums Of All-Time (Undebatable)
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Top 30 Albums Of All-Time (Undebatable)

Somehow resisted the urge to put every single Taylor Swift album, my strength amazes me

Top 30 Albums Of All-Time (Undebatable)

I don’t always feel like what I have to say is of importance, but my opinion on music certainly is. One of my favorite things about myself is how much i love exploring genres of music, you’ll see a lot of variety on this list, spanning genres, and decades.

Gold Diggers Sound - Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges is a national treasure. I have never experienced an artist be so absurdly talented yet so underrated. Front to back, ‘Gold Diggers Sound’ is a masterpiece, one of the great works of art of our time. I'm convinced you won't find a better record to just vibe to.

‘Motorbike’ is THE car song.

evermore - Taylor Swift

Album two, and im already starting my think piece on why Taylor Swift is in a class of one when it comes to her relationship with her pen. ‘Evermore’ is the best example of that in her discography. To this day ‘Tolerate It,’ and ‘Champagne Problems’ are two of the songs that have connected with me the most out of any I've ever heard. Like you're right Taylor Swift, I AM fucked in the head, and it is a shame.

Melodrama - Lorde

Following up ‘Pure Herione’ had to have been the most daunting task. But of course, Lorde, like our savior that she is, delivered! ‘Melodrama’ doesn't have a single dud, every track is expertly crafted and is a masterclass on what it sounds like to make perfect pop music. ‘Green Light’ has become my ultimate “going out” song, that track playing while you're out in a big city is just unmatched.

You Signed Up For This - Maisie Peters

Maisie Peters IS the moment. There have been very few debut albums to do what ‘You Signed Up For This’ did for me. Think if you took the perfecting of the pop genre gene from Carly Rae Jepsen and the relationship with words of Taylor Swift, you'd almost be at Maisie Peters. I just can't help but be in an instantly better mood when I turn this record on.

Irresistible Bliss - Soul Coughing

Post-grunge music deserves all the praise. Hailing from Seattle I am a very pretentious woman and do think anything in the grunge aura is superior, so it's no surprise that ‘Irresistible Bliss’ is an album that I've put on a pedestal for years. I truly believe ‘Lazybones’ is one of the greatest songs ever written.

Strange Desire - Bleachers

Jack Antonoff knows his way around music like no other person on the planet, in fact, it’s hard to believe he's a real person. Bleachers are such an incredible musical endeavor for him, and for me because nothing pulls me out of a depressive episode quite like any track off of ‘Strange Desire.’

Staying At Tamara’s - George Ezra

George Ezra makes the happiest music of all time. Even when a song is slower like ‘Hold My Girl,’ there is a sense of peace and joy that comes with the tone of the track. Ever since ‘Staying At Tamara's’ came out I have turned to the record to cling on to the permanent state of sun-soaked that songs like ‘Pretty Shining People’ and ‘Paradise’ possess.

Cleopatra - The Lumineers

I don’t care who judges this statement, but ‘Cleopatra’ by The Lumineers is one of the great love albums of our time. Having ‘Cleopatra’ and ‘Ophelia’ on one record just completely shattered my idea that I didn't want to find this great love of my life. Just the line “damn your wife I’d be your mistress, just to have you around” WRECKS ME. You have to be so in love to be okay with your spot in someone’s life being minimized.

Youngblood - 5 Seconds of Summer

5SOS is one of the great bands of our time, they are constantly reinventing their sound, and I think with ‘Youngblood’ they truly made the jump into full-blown rockstars. Each of them has so much talent and the moments we get of individual shine, as well as group moments on ‘Youngblood’, is one of the many reasons I just adore this record. This song lineup is stacked, not a single dud.

Everything In Transit - Jack’s Mannequin

If you want to know who truly ruled my middle school listening habits, look no further than Jack’s.Mannequin. ‘Everything In Transit’ is a perfect record, front to back, with not a single flaw. I would widely consider ‘Dark Blue’ to be one of the greatest tracks ever written, it just never stops being a track I come back to. There is few things I wouldn't do to see this album performed live.

The Stranger - Billy Joel

I had to do it, I know this isn't a hot take, but hey, it's widely praised for a reason! If an album has a song that speaks to my soul like ‘Vienna’ it's going to end up on this list. Billy Joel is considered one of the greatest musicians of all time, and it makes perfect sense to me. Every time I listen to this record im further convinced that this is the caliber every artist should aspire to.

Pure Heroine - Lorde

‘Pure Herione’ is THE best debut album of all time. The fact that she was able to pull off a flawless record at her age still just blows my mind. I mean come on, ‘Ribs,’ ‘White Teeth Teens,’ absolutely unreal. She set a bar that hasn't been met since for debut records, I will defend this record to the death.

Blue Neighbourhood - Troye Sivan

Every time I dive into ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ again I am further blown away by what a spectacular body of work it is. Songs like ‘Fools,’ or ‘Cool’ are pure gold. I still remember being in the room for Troye’s first-ever live show and going to a radio station for an advanced listen of some songs off the record, ill forever tie so many happy moments to these songs.

Trophies - Greyson Chance

‘Trophies’ may be a short project, but it's such a strong body of work. Greyson Chance has this ability to create in the most honest to himself way, while still being able to allow audiences to relate to the lyrics. It takes such skill to write about something so personal and specific and have people still see themselves in those words. I find myself dancing to ‘High Waisted’ and screaming the words to this track far too often.

You Ruined New York City For Me - Fletcher

Every time I listen to ‘You Ruined New York City For Me’ I feel like Fletcher ripped words straight from my texts to my best friends as I am breaking down over a man. It’s so crazy what tieing a person to a place can do to the place, both in positive and negative lights. The first time I heard ‘Undrunk’ I had to keep pausing the track because of how much I connected with the lyrics, its so special when an artist does that to me.

Colour Vision (Deluxe) - MAX

I had to do the deluxe edition solely because of ‘Still New York’ which is an all-timer for me. This album solidifies MAX as a prince of pop, it’s undeniable. From the perfectly picked collaborations to the flawless tracklist you just can't go wrong with 'Colour Vision ' I will be front row at a MAX show soon, mark my words.

Portraits - Greyson Chance

'Portraits' is a top five contender for me. This record live is an out of body experience, it's so clear how personal the entire project it, both to us as fans, and to Greyson. From 'West Texas,' to 'Lakeshore,' I do not think I will ever get over this body of work. If anyone ever doubts that Greyson was made for this, all you need to do is listen to any given track off 'Portraits..'

Coming Home - Leon Bridges

Of course, I had to include another Leon Bridges album. He's just that good, and more of you need to be talking about it! 'Flowers' is THE happiest song I have ever come across, it sounds like pure joy. The day I think of a man while I listen to that song I will know I am too far gone and completely smitten.

Abbey Road - The Beatles

Yes, I am aware this is the most basic choice, I also do not care. 'Abbey Road' is an A tier album. It still blows my mind to think that there was once a band that made music at this level. If I could name a song that I think will never be out done by any artist, it would be 'Her Majesty.' I will single handedly bring back Beatle Mania if I ever get to meet Sir. Paul McCartney and tell him how much I love this record.

Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent - Lewis Capaldi

Not a single person comes close to the raw emotion that Lewis Capaldi sings with. Without fail every single song on this album gives me full body chills. I found 'Bruises' on some random Spotify playlist YEARS before this record came out, and I am still not over the line "I hope I never lose the bruises that you left behind."

Like a shot to the heart.

Let Go - Avril Lavigne

Embarrassing storytime, when I was younger I was going through a "breakup" and wrote out lyrics in a diary, I was so proud of the song and went around showing people, eventually someone pointed out I had just copied the lyrics to 'I'm With You.' So obviously, I really relate to the way Avril writes. I think this album was very formative for me.

Jagged Little Pill - Alanis Morrisette

The level of angst encapsulated on 'Jagged Little Pill' is absolutely incredible. Alanis Morissette really shaped a generation with every song on the album. Nothing feels better than screaming the lyrics to 'You Oughta Know' or 'Hand In My Pocket' with friends, it's one of life's biggest pleasures.

Man on the Moon - Kid Cudi

The movie 'Jexi' is what sparked my love for this record. When I heard 'Up Up & Away' for the first time I instantly knew I had found my forever favorite party song. 'Man on the Moon' is chalked full of serotonin in musical form. I am a Kid Cudi stan first and a human second.

folklore - Taylor Swift

I am sorry, but there was no way we were going to get through this list with at LEAST one more Taylor Swift album. Folklore is a pure genius album, and brought us the greatest musical foursome the world has ever seen. Taylor, Aaron Dessner, Jack Antonoff and Joe Alwyn. I am perfectly content with them collaborating forevermore.

And yes, 'august' is a musical masterpiece few artists could even dream of creating.

Spring - Wallows

Wallows are well on their way to being one of the biggest bands around right now, and it's beyond well deserved. Their take on alt-pop-rock music is such good ear candy. The best example of that for me, exists on 'Spring.' This EP is insane, makes me feel like im prementalty stuck in a coming of age movie.

LA Doesn’t Miss Me - Lily Kincade

I worship the ground Lily Kincade walks on. She is an artist that is on a whole other planet and somehow puts feelings I didn't even know I had into words. 'LA Doesn't Miss Me' is a prime example. I feel like a complete main character listening to her music.

An Evening with Silk Sonic - Silk Sonic

'An Evening With Silk Sonic' is as smooth as butter. The pairing of these two artists honestly couldn't have been more perfectly matched. Any night out is elevated to the perfect place when you turn this record on, without fail.

BRB booking a flight to Las Vegas to attend the next Silk Sonic show.

Electra Heart - Marina and the Diamonds

I heard a few songs off of this record live recently, and it solidified everything I have always thought. 'Electra Heart' is perfect pop music. Marina is a pure genius and this album helped shape so much of so many people's teenage years. I will die on the hill of this record never getting the love it deserves.

Yourself or Someone Like You - Matchbox Twenty

It's simple, '3AM' is a song I can't listen to without crying, sometimes hysterically. Is it overly emotional? Maybe not, but it hits me like a semi every single time. And that alone makes this record an all timer for me.

Lover - Taylor Swift

I had to end this list with a Taylor Swift record, it's only right. 'Lover' is such a beautiful record, and so full of every form of love. To be able to go from songs like 'False God' to 'ME!' to 'I Think He Knows' is just absurd, Taylor Swift has the mind of a mastermind.

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