The Top 15 High School Musical Songs
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The Top 15 High School Musical Songs

The Top 15 High School Musical Songs

High School Musical. The Disney Channel original movie that set all of our expectations for high school far too high. Well, at least for those of us who weren't already in high school when the movies came out. Judging from all of the college students that are ecstatic about the High School Musical 10 year reunion I'm pretty sure those movies may have touched the hearts of other age groups as well.

The best part, and one of the most original parts of the High School Musical series, were the many songs that plague our childhood memories to this very day. So, without further ado, here are the top 15 songs in the entire High School Musical series.

15.) What Time Is It

This song is last on my list. Yes, I did think it was a good song. A song definitely has to have something of worth if you decide to open up the movie with it, but it felt really out of place and forced. Honestly, the song came way too fast and without warning, therefore it lost major points.

14.) I Want It All

This will be the only Sharpey Evans song on my list and I will not apologize for it. Sharpey was SO ANNOYING! The only reason she got onto this list was simply because she decided that she was awesome even though she was so bad and annoying that it hurt. Confidence won for her today.

13.) Stick To The Status Quo

I think we can all say that this song was wildly entertaining, but again it was just part of Sharpey's whining. That is why this song is so low in the list. Other than that this song was hilarious and pretty great. Also, stick to the cello my friend.

12.) Everyday

This is where the songs stop getting annoying and start getting into the good high school musical, romantic songs that we love. Troy and Gabriella are always going to be couple goals and this song is just another way that they proved it.

11.) Gotta Go My Own Way

Just a classic breakup song. If you haven't listened to this song after you parted ways with one of your significant others, then you are doing it wrong. You get both sides of the breakup: the girl and the boy. Classic song. Also, if you haven't seen this little kids rendition of this song, please, please, PLEASE check it out.

10.) Now Or Never

This is an ALL TIME pump up song. Absolutely got me SO HYPED!!!!!!! The beginning of this movie was as intense as a beginning as I have ever seen. Although, this song lost points for the rude interruption by Gabriella. Just a really strange side note in an otherwise awesome song.

9.) Getcha Head In The Game

Another great song delivered by Troy Bolton. This song would have been much higher in this list if it hadn't been for this fellas aggressive dance moves and the fact that Troy was talking about hiding his singing from the basketball team, with the basketball team. What was the director thinking?

8.) We're All In This Together

This song was at the end of both the first and the third movies, so it was obviously a staple of the franchise. It was a great song and was really simply choreographed, making it easy for everyone to learn the dance, but this song lost points for letting Sharpay lead the dance. She's such an attention junkie even when they're all "coming together." completely ruins the image of the entire song.

7.) What I've Been Looking For

This would have absolutely been the number one song on my list IF they ever got to sing it. The chemistry these two exhibited in the UNOFFICIAL AUDITION just showed how amazing this song could have been. I'm still really upset that we never got to watch the actual high school musical.

6.) Bet On It

The ANGER in this song is just awesome. Alright this song is all over the internet and there are plenty of memes that have been created making fun of his explosive reactions in this song, but the song is just fantastic and really makes for an interesting pump up mixture of anger and self loathing.

5.) Work This Out

I apologize there were no gifs on the internet of this great dance number and song, but this song was an absolute banger. The use of the kitchen instruments and the incorporation of FOOD were the focal points for me. I loved it. Top five definitely.

4.) I Don't Dance

Now, some of you might be thinking that, if I was to follow the same logic as I did before, I would penalize this song for Chad saying he doesn't dance while he is dancing, but I am afraid I can't do that. Nope this song is TOO good. The tension between Chad and Ryan is off the charts and this is just a great example of a feel good rivalry between an artsy pale kid and the classic male jock.

This is where it got hard.

3.) Breaking Free

This is the sole reason High School Musical blew up and became so popular. This was the song that was shown in the trailers and that brought everyone in asking for more. Clear top five pick, but I could have easily seen this as the second best song of the franchise as well.

2.) The Start of Something New

This song and Breaking Free could have easily flip-flopped for the second and third best songs in high school musical. Clearly these two songs were the reason anyone even watched High School Musical and, although this will never happen, I'm pretty sure anyone who has ever stayed at a ski resort over New Years has prayed that this would happen. Also, did they ever thank the host?!

Okay, the best song in the entire HSM franchise...

1.) The Boys Are Back

Absolutely, positively, without a single shred of doubt, the BEST song in the entire High School Musical franchise. This was an absolute JAM! I still listen to it. No I am not embarrassed about that fact. Troy and Chad were the dream team, easily rivaling the dynamic duo of any sports franchise ever (except Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck. They win every time.) I love this song. Especially when baby Troy and baby Chad appear and absolutely slay the junkyard. I can basically feel the rust and hear the old creaking metal every time this song comes on. Love it.

Well, there you have it. The best songs of the High School Musical franchise. It was a long and great run for the wildcats and they will never be forgotten. Troy, Chad, Gabriella, and all the others will live on in our hearts. Except for Sharpey. She can be forgotten.

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