Top 10 Dallas Photo Destinations
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Top 10 Dallas Photo Destinations

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Top 10 Dallas Photo Destinations
Jennifer Carrington

At an early age I was fascinated by photography. I can thank my mom for that because I swear she photographed me any chance she could. Every year she would get her annual "First day of school picture," the annual "State Fair of Texas picture under Big Tex" and she snapped all my sporting events like soccer games, football games, baseball games, and wrestling matches. Those were the photographs I didn't mind taking, but the ones that seemed like forever were the holiday card pictures; after 21 years of posing for her pictures I realized that if I just smile and listen to her for the first few pictures, the process would be short and sweet.

When I was 12 I got my own camera, the Nikon D90. Nine years and what seams like thousands of pictures have gone by, and I feel like I finally understand what makes a photograph beautiful. Its the right composure, the best lighting, and you have to be patient. Hopefully I didn't bore you with my love of photography, so I'll just cut to the chase. These are my favorite spots to photograph in Dallas, the newly acclaimed Best International Skyline. All the photos are mine, except the photos of me(those were taken by the talented Jennifer Carrington). Enjoy

10. Mancinism's Monroe Painting

Deep Ellum is one of my favorite places to shoot in Dallas. Everywhere you turn there is a beautifully painted wall. I really like this spot because of how colorful it is. The artist who painted this is Eric Mancini, who is a Denton local artist. His instagram username is Mancinism, so you can see his other creations.

9.Mancinism Bishop Art's House

Another Mancinism. What can I say, his work is amazing. The house is fully painted in his style of multiple colors making a unique pattern. The Bishop Arts District is an up and coming area which brings rich culture to the Dallas Community.

8. Graffiti Warehouse

This spot is one of my favorite locations to do a photoshoot. It is an abandoned warehouse where local artists get to leave a temporary mark. I say temporary because every time I come there are new pieces of art. I'm grateful that my homie Mark was my subject for this photoshoot because he was down to climb up a barbwire fence to get on the roof for this shot. I was able to get a lot of great photos inside the warehouse as well as outside.

7. The Sun-wall

Like I said Deep Ellum is covered with art murals. In the past years I dabbled in "free running" and taught myself to wallflip. Besides a cool backdrop to a flip off of, it is a good spot to shoot senior pictures.


I'm sure by now you or one of your friends have posted, or been to this wall and uploaded it on all your social media accounts. I don't blame you, it is my favorite art wall in Deep Ellum. You can try and get this shot, but you have to be pretty athletic to jump up and pull yourself up on to the very small ledge.

5. Traveling Man

The Traveling Man is one of three statues located in Dallas. To me this is the most iconic of the three because it has a great view of the not so familiar side of the Dallas skyline. Usually I photograph my models under the statue, but for this shoot we decided to get on the roof of the neighboring building. The thrill of being on a rooftop made the photo that much better. Side note, the sun-wall is directly to the right of the statue.

4. West End Lights

Let me start off by saying, I'm sorry. Right now this location is currently under construction. They are currently remodeling the Historic West End Market. But when the construction is over, the lights will hopefully come back. I love this area because of the florescent lighting plus the remarkable view of the Bank of America Plaza building.

3. Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

Full disclaimer: getting to this spot is dangerous. You have to get on the actual highway to get to the bridge. I wouldn't recommend if you're going just for the gram. But if you want to actually shoot I highly recommend it. Just like the rooftop, the thrill of getting this picture made it that much better.

2. Dallas by Railroad

If you haven't noticed the trend going on, the best places to shoot are the places you're not allowed to be in. Technically we weren't supposed to be on the railroad but I mean look at this picture. I always look forward to going to Dallas with my best friend Jennifer because she loves to take candid photos.

1. Hyatt Regency

This is hands down my favorite spot in Dallas. I can't count how many times I've been here, not just for photography but just for fun. Showing out of towners, impressing a girl after dinner to put the cherry on the top for the date, or to catch the sunrise. You get a great view of the zoomed in skyline. Some places are better to be captured in your own eyes instead of in a camera viewfinder.

Bonus: Ya Filthy Animal

Rarely ever do we get a white Christmas in Texas, but that doesn't mean Dallas doesn't have Christmas Spirit. In an alley of Bishop Arts District there is a quote from the ultimate Christmas movie.

I hope you enjoyed my top 10 spots in Dallas. I would love to see y'alls pictures of my Dallas Top 10 so tag me, mention me, or share with me. My instagram is keep_austin_weirder

If you would like the exact location for each spot so you can throw it in in your GPS ask in the comments. Also if you would like a photoshoot I am currently working on my portfolio so book now to get some exquisite pictures.

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