What No One Tells You About Growing Up
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What No One Tells You About Growing Up

"My dad never seems to fail at reminding me to change my oil and rotate my tires though..."

What No One Tells You About Growing Up

You'd think there would be classes that stress the importance of the various decisions you will have to make in your adult life. Sure, we went over the basic fundamentals we would need to prepare us for our future career, but what about the other half of our life where we're outside of our jobs?

You know.. like the tips and tricks when it comes to grocery shopping..

Or that fact that if you wash your clothes with cold water then dry them..they shrink a little.

My personal favorite-the grass in your yard will die if you cut it too short, repeatedly. Dad-where the hell were you on this important info?!

There is a whole world outside the one we thought we were prepared for that I learn something from everyday. Parents and teachers taught us what they felt we needed to know to be successful and get a job that suites us and provides for us, but what we really needed to know, was how to keep our head on straight when we aren't working for money.

Did you know? Vegetables seem to go bad quicker when you're the one buying them? It's crazy, but who would've thought that the lettuce-that I just bought a few days ago-would already have some brown and a funny smell to it?

OH, and when you work your steady 9-5 job.. weeks pass by quicker than they use to. I could've sworn summer was just around the corner last week, but it appears that's Winter now..

Things like vitamins and Airborne become important because our immune systems seem so much weaker now.

And did you know I have NEVER had a stiff neck in my entire 25 years of living...except now for some reason.

When I complain that "There is nothing in this house to eat!" That's because... there is actually nothing in the house to eat..

Mom's home cooked meals taste better than they ever did before, and I seem to always take her up on the offer to take home the leftovers she was about to throw out.

Going out on the weekends is harder to do when you're running on 0 energy, and there seems to not be enough sleep in the world to recharge me lately. Even when I feel tired and have the time to sleep, my body doesn't seem to want to. In fact it would rather go over the numerous things I have to do the next day...and the day after...and the day after that.

And for some, unknown reason, your mental state is like a roller coaster throughout your entire twenties.

Panic attacks should strike you 2-3 times a month on the following:

-When you'll have kids/if you want them

-When you'll get married/if you want to

-If you're on the right path in life/or any path at all

But I think the worst part of growing up-that not one person warned me about... was the fact that as my life speeds by me, so do my parent's...

My grandparent's..

My siblings...

and my friends..

As I stress and worry about how I'm living my own life, I forget that the several lives that I care about, so, SO deeply, are going by too. That for me, is the absolute worst part of becoming an adult.

I am reminded everyday just by the little things I don't know enough about, that my parent's-and everyone I love-did so much for me-(at times..maybe a little too much).

Becoming an adult is hard, okay? It takes a lot out of you, and can make me question my sanity and everyone elses'; but it has its perks too.

I can stay up until 2:30AM in the morning on a work night, and not a DAMN person will say a word about it!

If I want McDonald's for dinner. every. single. night. this. week... I can get it!

AND DID YOU KNOW, I don't have to ask my parent's permission to get a new dog! I use to write my dad NOVELS. They'd "appear" on his nightstand-begging and pleading to allow me to get a dog. I'd promise him I'd shovel poop everyday if he'd let me get a new pup! The novelty would NEVER wear off because my LOVE was forever.

I have 5 dogs now.

There is so much poop.

I need help.

In all seriousness,

I think one of my favorite part's about becoming an adult though..is that I have some amazing role models to rely on if the going gets a little too tough. My mom is still there to bring me chicken noodle soup when I'm sick. My dad still never fails to remind me I need an oil change and my tires rotated..

And somehow, my brother is still a giant pain in the ass...that I love dearly.

All in all, becoming an adult is hard, but growing up with the people I love beside me makes it worth it, so I think I'll continue trying (and sometimes failing) a bit longer.

Sincerely ,

An adult that needs to go pick up more poop now.

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