Some of you may read the title and not relate at all. Some of you may read the title and think, "I guess." Some of you may read the title and totally relate. If you love rap, have you ever been asked this question?

It sounds kinda funny, but in all honesty, I am curious why this is even a common question. Driving around town, radio blasting, windows down, I love it all. I love driving and singing my heart out to let my worries go. I love staring out at the beautiful views near my hometown. I love staring around at the open country roads at school. I love exploring. Just me, myself, and I. The only other thing that is in my possession is my car aux cord.

Blasting and blaring out of my car is usually rap music. I can't lie, I love it.

I started liking rap music in middle school because I loved dancing to all the popular Youtube dances at the school socials. I loved the John Wall, Jerk, and Stanky Leg dances at the time I was in middle school.

High school came, nothing changed. I still danced, I still loved rap music, and now I even began to dance hip-hop to it.

I enjoyed rap music by listening to the lyrics more often. I actually began to learn the lyrics to some of the popular artists at the time. I began to realize the lyrics were real. I loved the rap songs about love. I first fell in love and realized it sometimes is not like the fairytale songs and movies, but sometimes it can have hardships. Some rap love songs would show that exactness.

I began to listen to rap music that I do not relate to exactly, but I feel is real about the world around us. Sometimes, people love to judge me because I like rap music.

There is a stereotype that is attached to rap music, and it has begun to change as generations are progressing as a whole.

Personally, I always try to give any kind of music a chance. Not necessarily do I listen alone to every type of music, but I will listen to different people's suggestions or allow anyone to play a song of their choice for me. I personally think people like different kinds of music for different reasons.

Music is a form of expression in this world. The type of music you listen defines different things in your mind, but it does not define who you are in a bad way. It defines what words or expressions you connect with in this world.

You may listen to an artist because you are loyal to the artist. You may listen to an artist because you like their lyrics. Or you honestly may listen to an artist because you like their beat or melody.

Everyone likes different things in life. But hey, next time you get asked why do you like rap music, tell them "because."