To The Haters Of Netflix’s ‘GirlBoss’
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To The Haters Of Netflix’s ‘GirlBoss’

Through the hardships of dealing with family, her relationship, her friendship with Annie, finding her passion, and struggling with the growth of her business, Sophia found a new sense of self and matured into a woman she never thought she’d recognize.

To The Haters Of Netflix’s ‘GirlBoss’
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The comedy series, "Girlboss," is a loose retelling of entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso's life. As the founder of Nasty Gal, a multi-million dollar fashion empire, which got its start on eBay, Amoruso learned many career lessons as well as life lessons in her unconventional start to becoming a businesswoman. These lessons are brought to the screen through the lens of Sophia, played by actress Britt Robertson, whom many argue is "hard to watch" and extremely "unlikable." In the series, Sophia is rebellious, brash, strong-minded, audacious and in many ways she fits the trope of a "rogue" character. But, she is a flawed character based on a real person. And yes, she may be unlikable at first, but throughout the course of the episodes, she learns from her decisions and actions. She matures as every adult should in a mentally and emotionally challenging environment.

The series is more than just Sophia's chaotic lifestyle and her seemingly "unladylike" behavior. It teaches you about the bond of friendship and sisterhood. Annie and Sophia are the crazy girl duo you sometimes wish you and your best friend could be. Their strong friendship outlives the trials and tribulations that come with Sophia putting her career and business ventures as her top priority. You are allowed to be selfish when it comes to what you want to do with your life. You choose which passions you want to pursue and what kind of life you want to live. Yes, Sophia thought she could do everything on her own and not need anyone in her life to help guide her. Friends fight- and if you and your best friend love each other through all the shit you put each other through, you will remain by each other's side no matter what. You'll find your way back to each other even if a short break in the friendship takes place.

The series also teaches viewers about common challenges with family. Sophia firmly believed her father didn't believe in her; he didn't appreciate her taking responsibility of her business and pushing forward after finding her passion. She wanted to make her father proud and prove to him she could make something of herself and find a career that suits her. Toward the end of the series, Sophia's father reminisces over memories of her childhood as she rests post-surgery. He once believed she had the potential to do anything; that she was a strong-minded child and had the power to live any life she wanted. This crucial moment connects with Sophia's discovery, upon visiting her mother during the winter holiday season, that he had lost faith in her mother too. Thus, her mother left and chose to live her own life, whilst pursuing her dreams. But as Sophia is finally pursuing her own passion, she fears she has followed her mother's footsteps with her careless lifestyle and reckless actions. Sophia learns to become her own woman, separate from her father's expectations, whilst maturing from the life her own mother continues to live.

Furthermore, the show delves into the struggles of a relationship in which two people are at completely different points in their lives, and are struggling to make it work. For Shane, Sophia is adventurous and intriguing. But she's also rude, irresponsible and often disrespectful. Sophia cares about Shane, sure, but the sex isn't enough when there's an evident clash of personalities, lifestyles and maturity. Sophia admits in the end, that she doesn't really know what love is, and maybe they did love each other in their own ways, but when he cheats on her, I empathize with her character. They both deserved better, and Sophia needed to learn the hard way that he wasn't going to stick around if she couldn't be there for him the way he needed her. (Not to say that cheating is ever okay.) I felt the hurt and pain of both characters, and when they finally said their goodbyes, my tears resonated with Sophia's. But through the hardships of dealing with family, her relationship, her friendship with Annie, finding her passion, and struggling with the growth of her business, Sophia found a new sense of self and matured into a woman she never thought she'd recognize.

"Girlboss" deserves more than a hateful first impression; it is worth watching and learning how to face your own fears and internal conflicts.

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