Tips For International Students Preparing For Travel
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Tips For International Students Preparing For Travel

Have a nice journey!

Tips For International Students Preparing For Travel

Hurray! You got in, now its time to start the journey! When I was preparing for international travel for my freshman year it was a little bit confusing as to what to carry or leave. Hopefully, this will help you prepare for your exciting journey!

1.Write a checklist of everything you want to bring from home before the time to travel

Be it your favorite souvenir from home or snack, its helpful to write it somewhere before hand so that you can remember it while shopping or packing.

2.Check your baggage weight allowance.

Or else, you will repack again in the airport and maybe have to throw away some items which you love. So be sure to check your airline baggage allowance before traveling.

3.Don’t pack your suitcases the night before your flight!

Some way or another, you might forget something very important or just have a hard time adjusting the weight of the suitcase on the last minute.

4.To save some space in your suitcase, don’t buy things you can easily get in the US.

Like toothpastes, toiletries, towels, linen…

5.Carry an adapter

If you are buying electronics from home, remember to buy a universal adapter! And don’t forget to bring the chargers for your electronics!

6.Review and pack Travel documents early

This is the most important. Put in your carry on all your travel documents and review if you took the right passport or i-20. After all you wouldn’t depart if you are missing one of them

7.Bring easy to carry souvenirs

When you are home, some things may seem commonplace to you, but when you leave those are the things that you are going to miss the most. Its always good to have something that reminds you of home.

I love Rwandan traditional earrings, so I packed a handful of them.

Just for an idea you could bring: photos from home, cultural attire, flag…

8.About Clothing

Carry clothing which can be enough before you get to know affordable clothing stores. At home I wear the same kind of outfit throughout the year, but here you need to plan accordingly because of the four seasons. Just so you know, its most of the time cheaper to buy a season’s clothing during another season. For instance, winter jacket during the fall. And please if you are from winter-free countries don’t buy winter clothing from home, buy it in the US.

9.Don’t over pack!

Throughout the year you might accumulate way more things than you brought, and dorm rooms are not that big. And with a lot of stuff it gives a hard time when going back home for the holidays.

10.And signup for free miles with your airline

If you travel home often through the same airline, or anywhere else you’ll be accumulating free miles that you can use another time.

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