How to Thrive at Home Post-Grad
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How to Thrive at Home Post-Grad

Thrive? You mean survive?

How to Thrive at Home Post-Grad

Living with parents can be tricky at times. I am a 24 year old English teacher who currently lives at home. I have no shame about this fact, though. Why? Because if I allow myself to feel bad about "living at home" with my folks, then I am going to look at my situation unrealistically and in a way that is unfair to myself. Teachers are broke - duh! Living at home is not a bad thing generally, and this article is going to discuss the positives and negatives that go along with this chosen lifestyle (yes, it is a choice), and whether or not living at home is right for you.

Why live at home?

Live at home if you don't mind a little give-and-take - you'll have to get comfortable with compromise.

If you haven't figured out a plan to provide for yourself, then BREATHE. It is okay. The first step is to take things one day at a time (thanks Colton Underwood). You can't solve anything overnight - take each day as it comes, and handle the now challenges now.

If you can't realistically provide for yourself financially, it may be a good idea to have a conversation with your parent or guardian about your financial future. Before you do, consider theirs for a moment. Are they in a place of financial freedom? No? Why not? Yes? How did they get there? Having this conversation and being honest and open may give you important financial insight.

Why not live at home?

Have life all figured out? Ready to drop the hottest new mixtape of 2020? If either of these describe you, then I implore you to STAY. AT. HOME.

Years ago, I wanted to be a full-time novel writer. When my student loans caught up with me and my parents decided to start barking at my lack of an income, I decided it was time to get real. I enjoyed writing, but I eventually realized how many factors were against my monetary success in doing what I hoped to do. I didn't want to give up on the dream (and I still haven't), but I knew I needed to be able to provide for myself.

Do yourself and your folks a favor - start looking for jobs within your skill range NOW. Don't wait. Start building a portfolio (a folder that contains your achievements in a marketable one-stop-shop).

Living at home Dos

Take the initiative! Take care of stuff maybe your mom or dad used to do for you to show them you are becoming a responsible adult!

Do ask if your parents mind if your friends come over - it's their house too! Just like you would want to be informed if your parents were about to throw a wild party, so too would they!

Offer to help pay for a small monthly utility expense. If you can manage it, this will go a long way to show your parents that you are well on your way to adulthood.

Living at home Don'ts

Don't assume things are the way they were. You're still living at home, but not in the same circumstance. Before, it wasn't really a choice for your parents and now it is. They are letting you stay at home (hopefully) out of generosity and love. Either way, they may expect a little more from you in terms of "pulling your weight" around the house. But hey, the rent is free, right?

Don't get a pet without asking. I almost did. It was almost a disaster - let's leave it at that. Crisis averted.

Don't alter the house in any way permanently without your parent's say-so. Chances are that you won't be in that house forever, and a clown picture nailed to a wall (for example) doesn't make for a good reminder for your parents of your time living at home.

Ultimately, you're going to want to have a conversation with your parent or guardian about your situation, which can be intimidating. If you're honest with them, though, you've done your part involving them in this transition. Parents want to have a say. This doesn't mean they get to plan everything for you or make your decisions for you. Make sure each of you talk about this important step together; one of the parties may be hurt if the other tries to plan this next step alone.

I hope this guide brings clarity to your situation! If you're honest with your parents and with yourself, things should run much smoother at home.

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