I Watched The First Trailer For "Spider-Man: Far From Home"

First of all, I'm not really even that much of a Marvel fan. Well maybe I am, I don't even know anymore. Actually no, I definitely am not. I'm one of those obnoxious people who think that he's too cool to say that he's a Marvel fan, thereby making me that much more uncool just for thinking that way.

Still, regardless of whether or not I am an actual fan, I still find myself sluggishly dragging myself to the movie theater just about every time that a new Marvel movie is released, and I find myself watching pretty much every single new Marvel trailer as soon as it comes out. That's how I found myself watching the first trailer for "Spider-Man: Far From Home."

As anyone who watched last year's "Avengers: Infinity War" is aware, the mere existence of this new Spider-Man movie is basically a gigantic spoiler in itself. At the end of that movie, Peter Parker/Spider-Man turned to dust along with half of the universe, so he is currently a pile of ash in the Marvel world. Yes, that is definitely an "Infinity War" spoiler, but if you have not already seen that movie then why on Earth are you reading this article in the first place?

I mean, it seemed pretty clear that Spider-Man and the rest of the Avengers who turned to dust would eventually be resurrected, but the new Spider-Man movie coming out so soon after the next Avengers movie, called "Avengers: Endgame" pretty much confirms that, and makes the ending of "Infinity War" much less powerful.

Unless, of course, the new Spidey movie is set before everyone turned to dust, but that seems unlikely. Spider-Man is a character that has long been fought over between Marvel and Sony. It's good that they finally decided to share him, but I wonder if competing viewpoints between the two companies have anything to do with "Far From Home" being released so soon after "Endgame."

Another question I have is, why do I even care? It's just a movie, for God's sake. Why am I spending my precious time in this world wondering about Marvel movie release dates and the way that the Marvel timeline works? Does any of this really affect me? Shouldn't I be doing something more productive with my time instead?

Yes, I probably should, but I also probably won't. So, here I am, my mind still consumed by the blood-thirsty parasite that is the newest Spider-Man trailer. In the movie, Spider-Man and his friends take a trip to Europe, then Nick Fury shows up, who also turned to dust in the last movie, I might add. Then Spidey starts fighting some sort of fire creature, then a water creature, then Jake Gyllenhaal shows up as Mysterio and shoots green beams out of his hands as he battles some sort of water monster. Yeah, I think that's about it.

Will I see this new movie? Yeah, I'm sure I probably will. But I swear, I'm not an actual Marvel fan. I may have seen pretty much every Marvel movie that has been released, but that doesn't mean anything. Sure, I'll probably also see every Marvel movie that gets released in the near future, but so what? And yeah, I did just spend this entire article discussing Marvel movies, but oh well. I see all the movies, but I don't actually get excited for them. A new Marvel movie is basically just an obligatory trip to the movies, no feelings of excitement or emotions involved.

See? Like I told you before, I'm not an actual Marvel fan.

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