25 Thoughts You Have While Packing For Spring Break

With Spring Break approaching, getting the cutest swim suits, being ready for the beach, and having the perfect trip planned out is the source of all of your stress. Even with midterms looming, the thought of a break from school is the only thing that consumes your thoughts. The real struggle of getting ready for Spring Break is figuring out what to pack. I mean, you can only fit so much in a suitcase. Here are some thoughts we all encounter when packing for our much anticipated trip:

1. I probably won't wear this but I might so I need to pack it

2. What's the limit on how many shoes I can pack?

3. I don't know if I'll work out, but an extensive choice of athletic clothes is necessary

4. I might as well bring my entire makeup collection with me

5. Do I need to pack sunscreen if I'm trying to get tan?

6. Is it okay to bring a whole other suitcase dedicated to swim suits?

7. What if I want to do _______ on the beach? I need to pack just in case

8. What if it's randomly cold? I need to have ___ amount of sweatshirts to be prepared.

9. What if the hotel doesn't have my favorite snacks? These are a necessity.

10. I need this shirt specifically for an Instagram picture.

11. I totally need 3x more underwear than the amount of days there are on this trip.

12. Can I pack my dog too?

13. What about my best friend? I bet she can fit in this suitcase.

14. What if I get bored on the plane? I need to keep myself entertained!!

15. Do I need _____ or will the hotel have it?

16. I don't want to buy this on the trip so I'm going to pack it now.

17. Should I bring homework? Yeah that's not going to happen.

18. uGHHHH I don't have enough clothes for this trip

19. I need casual, formal, semi-formal, semi-casual, lounge, pajamas, swim wear, beach wear and all the wears in between.

20. Do I want to use hotel shampoo or my own stuff?

21. Does the hotel have enough closet space?

22. How many pairs of sunglasses should I bring?

23. Is 4 pairs of sandals really enough?

24. How do I make it so this jewelry doesn't get tangled?

25. I probably forgot something

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