Thoughts Of A Christmas Fanatic
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Thoughts Of A Christmas Fanatic

Tis the season!

Thoughts Of A Christmas Fanatic

It’s officially our time of year. The time when our most favorite season is finally here. Thanksgiving and fall- themed events are gone, and Operation-Christmas-Overload has commenced. Your friends and family have already made comments about your “way too early” celebrating of this amazing holiday, but they can now save those comments until next October.

It’s acceptable to decorate, wear, and watch your favorite Christmas-themed things. No longer are the months with weather that’s far too warm or holidays that just don’t measure up to our most prized. Let the Christmas season begin and the decorating invade. Every year, it seems as if the Christmas season becomes shorter and shorter, so enjoy the most glorious month while it lasts! Here are some common thoughts that may run across the mind of a Christmas fanatic like myself.

“I better update my Christmas board on Pinterest.”

“I must craft all the Christmas crafts possible.”

“I need to make all my saved radio stations Christmas.”

“There’s no such thing as too many lights.”

“I may need more than six Christmas sweaters.”

"I wish 25 Days of Christmas was more like 365 Days of Christmas."

“Coordinating wrapping paper for friends, family, and even my pets is essential.”

"I've been planning out all of my friend and family's gifts since July."

"More tinsel."

"Still not enough tinsel."

"I'll watch my weight this holiday season. No overloading."

“One more candy cane.”

“I need hot chocolate in an IV.”

“I must go see this Christmas light display for the tenth time.”

“I don’t even have enough space for all my Christmas mugs.”

“Oh, look how cute this Christmas mug is!”

"When I have my own place, its going to be a Christmas invasion this time of year."

"I wish I still believed in Santa."

"I believe I have snow-smelling powers like Lorelai Gilmore."

"After-Christmas sales are for the weak. We need it now."

"Is it really a candle if it isn't Christmas-scented?"

"Christmas $1-$3 bins at Target are my stress relief on a budget."

"More than one Christmas tree should be the new normal."

"Yes, my dog has his own Christmas sweater."

"I never want December to end."

"Merry Christmas!"

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