Why I Could Be A Mom

So most of you don't know this, but I am the oldest of four children and I feel like that has prepared me somewhat for what it's like to be a mom. Now I can't say that I am ready to be a mom because I don't even like to cook myself dinner or take myself to the dentist, but I think that if I needed to do it right now, I could. I'm not sure why I would have to become a mother, but let's just pretend that we've entered an alter-universe and I am now a mother. EEk!

The first thing that I would be prepared for is the arguing and bargaining. Now I know I was a terrible kid, you can ask my mother, but I sure knew how to bargain. I would do something we all liked to do when we were younger and any time we don't want to do something we've been asked to do, STALL. Dude, I was a good staller. I could lay on the stairs and I could pretend that I was doing what I was asked to, but as soon as I heard my mom coming near me, I would actually start doing what I was asked. I know for a fact that this was something that we all did as kids, so don't even try to deny it.

I also know how to deal with the constant losing of things. In my house, there are six people and I have no idea how my mother always knows where everything is, no matter whose stuff it is. My brother could ask her where a single shoe is and she would just know. I feel like that would be something I would be good at because I have a pretty good memory and I would be good at making something up in the case I actually didn't know where something was. However, I'm not very good at organizing things, so my house would probably be a mess.

I don't know if I would be good at the comforting thing because I've been told I don't really have a heart. I've been known to tell someone to suck it up if they were crying over something stupid or because they lost something. I'm not very good at the comforting thing, but I am good at the first aid bit. I am currently getting a degree in Public Health and I worked as a life guard for three years and have three younger siblings, so I think I know how to put on a Bandaid and make a boo boo not hurt. I'm also pretty good at coming up with songs about anything.

I think that I could someday be a good mom because I would never stop trying like my mom. I would maybe be as good as her if I try hard enough. I think I'd be good because I always dance in a store when a song is playing no matter who's watching. I will always play a game to make someone happy again and to not cry. I am pretty good at disciplining people and I am again the first of four children who has seen lots of different styles of discipline. I hope one day that I am a good mom like my mom and my grandma!

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