9 Things Everyone Forgets To Pack
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9 Things You're Probably Forgetting To Pack

For when you have that "I think I'm forgetting something," feeling.

9 Things You're Probably Forgetting To Pack

Spring breaks and summer vacations are right around the corner! Which unfortunately means so is packing anxiety and the dreadful "I'm forgetting something" feeling. With this list, you are ensured to feel relaxed and ready to go for your next trip!

Travel day clothes

Don't pack just nice clothes and swimsuits. You'll want to be comfy on your car ride of flight!


For your car ride nap, or if you have hotel-pillow-phobia, bring your comfiest pillow!

Trash bag for dirty clothes

You won't want to mix your clean & dirty clothes in all one bag, so make sure you bring a trash bag (or other sorts of holders) for your dirty clothes!

Feminine products

You never know, Mother Nature might give you a surprise visit.


PLEASE DON'T FORGET THIS!! Everyone needs DEO for their BO.


For your tropical sunburns, or winter-weathered dry skin, lotion is always a must-have.


This is really just one of those things that skips your mind.

Extra socks and undergarments

You can't have too much of a good thing.

Travel journal/camera

You'll want to capture and remember every moment of your trip!

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