I was not prepared for the grueling hours and energy that was needed for Rush but I think these 5 tips can put you in the correct mindset.



Hydration is SO important! I rushed right when I came to college and it was still blazing hot outside. Fortunately, houses provided water but it is in your best interest to hydrate since there is a lot of walking around and standing in the hot sun.

2. Comfort over Style


I still have scars from blisters I got during Rush weekend. Needless to say, factor comfort into your shoe choice, because like I said before, there will be a lot of walking.

3. Be Personal


Make sure that you're rocking whatever screams *insert your name*! I remember I rushed with a girl who wore spider-man vans because she loved spider-man and she said it was a great conversation starter. Therefore wear something that makes a statement and shows off your personality.

4. Practice



This one seems cliché but practice does make perfect. Get comfortable talking about yourself and your interests so you can keep a conversation flow and let the person know the most about you in the short amount of time given.

5. Trust the Process



You will hear this constantly during the process! However, when houses dropped me and I felt defeated, I continued to remind myself that I will have a forever sisterhood at the end of all of it. I love my sorority sisters and couldn't picture it any other way!