10 Things I Love About Fall

10 Things I Love About Fall

As much as I hate the cold, fall is probably my second favorite season, even though it's the beginning of freezing weather.


I've always hated the cold, I'm a summer baby so I think that's why (shoutout to the summer babies), but fall is just something different. It's a mix of both kind of weather, and since I live in Indiana, anything is expected, and I mean anything. Some days will be freezing cold and some days will be really hot. There is no pattern in this, it will be unexpected. But that's when fall comes in, its a whole new atmosphere. The orange/red leaves falling, pumpkins, sweater weather, boots, and many more things that make fall even more special. To be honest, I'm always excited to wear my new sweaters I get from Aeropostale! Also, this is the perfect weather for pictures, which we need those new posts for Instagram! I've captured some things that I love about fall. Enjoy and stay warm!

1. Sweater weather

Can I get a scream for sweater weather, please, because I absolutely love sweaters! Fall is perfect for you to just wear a sweater and go out, you will be warm and cozy. I also love the sales during Thanksgiving which have the best price and the cutest sweaters.

2. Fall accessories scarfs

A scarf is very very very important for fall. First, it completes your outfit, and second, most of my scarfs are fall colors for some reason. I feel scarfs are part of the fall season, you cannot wear it anywhere else. It keeps you warm and makes pictures cute.

3. Warm drinks like coffee

Fall is the season where I can drink my hot chocolate at peace. Because I get hate for drinking hot chocolate all year round. I love my hot chocolate! But fall is the season for all hot drinks from coffee to hot chocolate, you take that drink, get in a cozy blanket, and binge-watch your favorite show or movie.

4. Pumpkin patches

Pumpkin patches or just pumpkins is a must for fall. The color, orange basically represents fall, and pumpkins are the symbol. Pumpkin craving or drawing is an activity that everyone does, I used to do this as a kid all the time, but as I grow up, I never got the time for it. I really miss doing it, I feel like this would be a great activity to do with all your friends and have a get-together while carving pumpkins.

5. Cozy wrapped with blankets

As I've already said about how blankets are all we need to stay warm. Blankets are a part of fall to keep us warm and cozy in the cold. I'm that person that wraps herself in a blanket and walks around her house like that. My whole family laughs at me, it's a normal thing now.

6. Falling leaves

I've probably spoken a lot about the weather this whole article, but the weather is the main concept of fall. But the falling leaves just add a more change. It actually feels like a season is changing. The leaves are so beautiful in many different size and colors which represent fall.

7. Mother nature trees

Mother Nature is the best place in the world. As the leaves are falling the trees look stunning and more a bliss vibe to your pictures. To get the perfect fall pictures, you should also go for nature, trees and leaves. It's the best place for pictures that are worth posting on social media.

8. Place some boots

Another fall trend is boots, all types of boots will work for the season. I think I wrote more about clothing trends than anything else in this article, but that is what fall is about. Warmth and coldness which is fulfilled by clothes. I love boots, I used to only like the long boots, but now I love all lengths of boots, there so many of them.

9.  Cover your head with a beanies

Beanies are again a trend that recently became my favorite Because most girls don't like getting their hair messy so they try to be cool and don't wear a beanie, and the next day they get sick. I was like this too, But I now know why I'm always so cold and after wearing a beanie, I feel warm.

10.  Spooky Halloween

Halloween is probably the only national holiday that everyone loves to celebrate. You dress up, get candy, and get spooked. This is the only highlight of fall for me, even though it's been years since I went trick or treat, but it's fun seeing kids coming to my house. Yes, I'm the grandma that hands out candy.

I hope you enjoyed this small article about some things I love about fall. Comment down what your favorite thing about fall!

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You didn't prepare how you should've
Life isn't always fair.

However, in football, that's all in a day's work.

Cover Image Credit: pixabay

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