5 Things I Learned In The First 30 Days Of Living On My Own
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5 Things I Learned In The First 30 Days Of Living On My Own

Moving out is not all sunshine and roses, but I think I'm getting somewhere.

5 Things I Learned In The First 30 Days Of Living On My Own
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A month ago, I moved back to college and this time I had a home of my very own. My best friends and I decided to test the waters of real adulthood and get an apartment together! It has been the best learning experience of my life, but man it's been hard. Here are five things I learned in my first month of living in my own apartment.

1. I don't know sh*t about being an adult.


I thought I called my mom a lot before. I called her for everything, setting up payment arrangements for my bills, getting the cable installed, buying my car, how to use command strips, buying groceries, making my own appointments, any and everything I called mom for. Things that a year ago seemed "so easy" were challenges.

2. Laundry sucks, chores suck, bills suck, this sucks. 


Do y'all realize how fast that stuff piles up when there's no one taking baskets from your room or emptying the hamper in the bathroom every could of days? The first time I didn't have a clean towel and yelled "Mom!" into my apartment was when I realized I had some serious adjusting to do. Dishes pile up like crazy and I'm pretty sure half the time we don't even use dishes when we eat. Bills come at all different times of the month with all kinds of crazy prices. I am not here for this.

3. I was not made to live alone.


I have two siblings, two parents and three dogs at Mom's place. Coming home after work to an empty apartment, no dogs, no crazy kiddos, no noise at all because my roommates hadn't made it home yet, was the worst feeling in the world. I thrive off of a hectic environment because that's what I grew up in. Not hearing "Hellloooooo, how was your day?" as soon as I walked in the door really weighed on me.

4. You never realize just how important your mom is...


There are some days she drives me absolutely crazy. There are days we scream and fight and get so angry at one another we can't breathe. Then there are days she falls next to me on the couch and sings me some goofy song or rants and rants about how something went wrong at work today and I realize she is my absolute best friend. Without her...I wouldn't be who/what/where I am.

5. I need a dog.


Life without a four-legged friend to call your own sucks. I currently live with two cats and it's just not working for me. I miss my dorko, big furball. I miss him climbing into bed with me and sleeping until noon. I miss running across the yard and throwing bottles across the house. Mom would always tell me that without my Sof dog, life would be empty and man was she right.

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