10 Things Every Dog Owner Does For Their Fur Baby
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10 Things Every Dog Owner Does For Their Fur Baby

3. Anytime your dog gets sick you immediately research the web

10 Things Every Dog Owner Does For Their Fur Baby

As a dog owner myself, I am pretty guilty of doing some weird things, but I love my dog like it's a child. We have all talked to our dogs in the high pitched voice and laid on the ground with them to play so I have compiled a list of 10 weird things that every great dog owner does for their sweet fur baby out of total love and affection.

1. Congratulate them for doing a cool trick, listening, or just doing their business outside.

If you're like me and got your dog when they were a puppy you know how awful it was going through the potty training stage so now that they have learned you're glad that their pee is on the bushes outside instead of your brand new shirt, or freshly cleaned carpet. Of course, you have to congratulate them on doing their cool tricks because how cute is it when they do a paw shake or roll over?!!

2. Talking with your dogs and responding to them

We all need someone to talk to every once in awhile, and a dog makes the perfect companion. When we need to cry it out or let out all of our anger your little pup is there whenever you need them. Then, because they can't respond to you it is easy to make a response to them which makes you just feel better in the end.

3. Anytime your dog gets sick you immediately research the web

There is nothing worse in a dog owners life when your little fur baby is not feeling well, and you want to make them feel better as soon as possible so that they can go back to being playful. It is like WebMD except you do it for your dog, and search their symptoms that lead you to think that they are going to die if they don't get better soon.

4. Talking in a funny voice just to see if they do the head tilt

Need I say more? Pretty much every dog owner thinks it's hilarious to see their dog do the famous head tilt after talking to them in the most insane and ridiculous voice.

5. Thought about dressing them up or actually even did

I never did this because my dog cannot stand putting those little dog clothes on, but doesn't mean I haven't thought about dressing her in a cute, little, pink tutu.

6. "Accidentally" pushed table scraps onto the floor or sneak them a piece of bacon

I am 100% guilty of this. This isn't necessarily weird, but something that all dog owners do. Every time I am eating at the kitchen table my dog will sit right by the chair with her big eyes, and give me that look acting like she is so hungry-- I fall for it every single time. How can you say no to their little faces?! If you do end up saying no you might even feel a little guilty inside so then you give them a treat anyway.

7. Taking selfies or pictures of your dog

As dog owners, we always try to get that perfect picture, and you do some ridiculous things to try and do so. Things like saying their name about 20 times, snapping, waving your hands around--essentially how you get a baby to look at the camera except you're dealing with an animal.

8. Pet them with your feet more than your hands

We've all done it.

9. Give your dog nicknames

"Sweetie", "Cutie", "Tawnypoo", "Bellz", and so much more.

10. Refer to yourself as "mommy" or "daddy"

This is completely respectable among dog owners because we totally get it they're your kids. Sayings such as, "Who's the best mommy in the world?" or "You love your daddy".

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