12 Things Every English Major Can Relate To
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12 Things Every English Major Can Relate To

There are two kinds of English majors: those who want to be teachers and those who do not


There are countless majors to choose from in college and every major has their own quirks and struggles, including English. If you're an English major you probably chose it because you like to read, consider yourself a good writer, and like analyzing texts; you want to do something as a career with those things. As an English major myself, I feel the same way and I know we love our classes (most of the time). While we knew there would be a lot of reading, writing, and skepticism of our major choice to go along with English, sometimes it can get a little tiring. You're also pretty used to being labeled with book-ish stereotypes, but can't deny them because they're pretty accurate. You can vent all you want to your non-English major friends, but the only people who will truly feel your pain are other English majors.

1.Sometimes you can't help but correct other people's grammar

When someone says they did "good" on a test you just can't help but let to tell them they actually did "well."

2. Everyone assumes you're going to be a teacher

I never knock anyone who does want to be a teacher; I believe it takes a special person to teach, but for the love of all things good and holy, not every English major wants to be a teacher!

3. Your semester mainly consists of reading

Some of which you love, and some of which makes you want to pull your hair out.

4. And a lot of writing to go with it

Some papers are really fun to write, especially the ones on a topic you enjoy; the others...not so much.

5. Most of your Google searches consist of "synonyms for...," "better words to use than...," "how to spell...," ect.

I actually did the "how to spell..." one writing this article. #noshame

6. You have very strong opinions about the Oxford Comma

Some people love it, some people hate it, and some couldn't care less.

7. It severely pains you to see incorrect grammar, punctuation, and the like on social media

I takes almost everything you have not to correct them in the comments...we know social media is informal, but we're not animals.

8. You are always ready and willing to proofread your friend's papers

You even enjoy it sometimes, it makes you feel wanted.

9. You're used to people questioning what you'll do with an English major

And because of this, you've gotten pretty good at defending it. You probably basically have a list of careers that you can get with an English major memorized.

10. Sometimes you want to have a deep discussion about a book, but know your non-English major friends don't care

Even if it's something as general as "Harry Potter," you usually get too deep and involved in analyzing the writing for them to keep listening.

11. You still haven't fully mastered who versus whom or affect versus effect

Just to be safe, you Google them to make sure you're using them correctly when you put them in a paper. Tip: it you want to avoid effect/affect altogether just use "impact."

12. No matter how much you read or how much you write, you will always love being an English major

No number of required readings or grueling essays can keep you from doing what you love

Even though it can get a little frustrating sometimes, you love being an English major and can't see yourself doing anything else. You have big plans to come from that major. Now go and change the world with it!

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