Too many people don't get tomorrow. They don't get later. They won't get next time.

As a whole, we spend so much time waiting for the ' right time' that we never notice that time is fleeting. We are literally losing all of the best moments of our lives because we are too busy waiting for them to be better. We are waiting for things to be more simple, cheaper, more appropriate, more fun, more safe, and just more in general. Nothing is going to be here forever.

We are not going to be here forever.

You only have so much time to experience college parties, family vacations, class reunions, family get-togethers, nights out with your friends, and chances to do something wild for the first time. You are not going to have certain opportunities forever. Anything could happen.

Things can change in the blink of an eye. Tragedy can strike. Natural disasters can wipe out entire towns, death can take its toll on a family member, distance can change a friendship.

What you have right now, that is something that is certain. You are definitely in this moment right now. You have this chance right now. Embrace life the way it is meant to be embraced. See things the way they are meant to be seen.

Being spontaneous doesn't have to be a bad thing. It doesn't have to be only for the rich or the lucky. It can be for anyone. It is for you.

When the time comes to look back on the things that you have accomplished, are you going to wish you had done more? Are you going to wish you had seen more? There is no better time than right now, and you won't regret the memories you make.

Nothing is holding you back from this anymore. Stop waiting for the "right time" and start living now. You won't regret it.