I always get sick before I have something important to do. My luck is nonexistent and I can already confirm that 2019 is not my year (fingers crossed 2020 will be though). I have a plethora of exams coming up yet incapable of thinking straight. I can't stop coughing, I can barely move, and I'm pretty sure I'm high off of Dayquil. Whenever I do have moments where I can garner up an ounce of energy to get out under my sheets, I immediately begin to shiver and crawl back to my refuge.

I wanted this Odyssey article to be powerful, commanding, and intelligent. Instead, I'm laying in my dorm room sick, finding it hard to articulate about the things that actually matter to me. I'm struggling to find the words to express my thoughts on issues that I was actually planning on talking about. My mind keeps drawing a blank and every time I seem to have some sort of idea, it disappears with a sneeze.

My friends are too scared to come near me, in fear that I'll infect them. My only source of company is the tissue box and medicine on my bedside drawer. I wanted to use my voice to write about something important and of substance, but how am I supposed to do that when I keep croaking every time I try to talk?

My diet these past few days has consisted of: cough drops, tea, and ibuprofen. I can't stop sleeping and I'm struggling to stay awake in any of my lectures.

The point is being sick is the worst, especially when you're in college and there are deadlines almost every day. I'm forced to take care of myself and be an adult, when I can barely manage to breathe properly. I wish I could inform you guys about how to get better when you're sick, but I can't even do that myself.