Thirty-five days later and we are finally free from the record-breaking longest government shutdown in the United States. Since December 22nd Americans and their families have been awaiting a decision to be made amongst the government on the decision of our 2019 financials.

Thirty-five days later and no decision was made, rather we took a break from our break and brought back our government for a potentially limited time. The government gave itself three weeks to solve their predicament and if it hasn't by February 15th, well then, here comes another government shutdown.

What issue of our future spending's could cause so much disagreement amongst our government you may be wondering? The wall. President Trump does not seem to be stepping down until he gets the $5 billion he requests from the 2019 funds to go towards the building of his wall along the border between us and Mexico.

After many Americans were affected financially by the government shutdown and the issue still stands unresolved we all must start to wonder if the opposing side should cave or if the wall is even worth it?

As we all know, President Trump ran his campaign on a belief that this wall would "Make America Great Again", but how can we ensure it will? In his opinion, the wall is necessary to fight back against illegal immigration and drug use. We already have security measures and border patrol, but apparently, it isn't enough. How do we know that the wall will truly stop drug importation and use? How do we know that it'll stop illegal immigration? We don't.

The unfortunate fact is we won't know if President Trump's theories are right unless we put in the extreme measures to build this extreme wall. Individuals have been finding ways to outsmart our government and sneak illegal people and substances into the United States for years so who's to say a wall is enough? I think the odds are they'll still find a way. We can only hope to complicate the matters for them.

In my opinion, money is the issue of building the wall. We've been struggling with paying back our debt as a country for years and it only continues to grow. On top of that imagine all the other places the $5 billion President Trump's requesting could go instead of the wall. The options are limitless. The opinions are limitless and if our government can't come to a consensus on what to do with our spending's for the next year I'm not sure what will happen.