The Walk of Purity
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The Walk of Purity

Philippians 1:6 " being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus".

The Walk of Purity

Originally this piece was supposed to be the last one " Inner Circle Evaluation" ( click here to read), but God works in mysterious ways. When God put in my heart to write my last article and not publish this one yet, I was like okay He wants me to connect the two, I get it, may your Will be done Lord. Then, later on I came to realize that He had greater plans for me (like always).

At first, I was thinking about writing this article to encourage any man or woman of God who has chosen to follow Him and is pursuing the walk of purity, and for some reason I didn't feel like I was fit to do this, so I asked two great friends of mine to be my co-authors and I would just do the introduction. The thing is I know that the Lord has been doing some work in me, but for some reason when it comes to that part of my life I was not secure.

Not too long ago, I met this man of God very attractive, I told one of my friends about him and we spoke about him for hours. I told another friend about him and we prayed about it together. I told a third one, and she told me be prayerful sis. Then, I started thinking wait a minute, I have been talking about him without lustful words, I DO NOT SEE HIM in any lustful ways. I saw his personality, his accomplishments, his last name but no lust. How??? I quickly told one of my friends, she was like God is doing some work in you sis, He is working in you. I got so excited, I was like Glory to the Lord!!! If my encounter with Him was only to show me that the Lord has truly created in me a pure heart and I was fit to write this piece when I thought I wasn't Glory to You Father God, Glory to You.

No matter what your situation looks like at the moment, no matter where your heart is with the Lord, I want you to know that there not one thing that He can't overcome. He can create in you a pure heart just like He did in me.

Now, let's get into the original piece. The following questions is what I asked to two faithful servants of the Lord.

as a young woman/man how is your walk of purity going ?
What is your biggest temptation?How do you manage it? And what triggers you the most? And how do you deal with it?

Here is what Kiana C Rouchon has to say

My walk of purity has truly been kept and blessed by God! I’ve never been sexually active, but I tempted myself many, many times in my youth. Thankfully I didn’t give in, and I committed to truly walk in purity for the Lord in 2012. Without the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth, we cannot glorify God with our bodies. We all fall short, but we show that we love the Lord when we obey his commands (John 14:21). Whenever someone asks me “how do I do it,” I always say: “I love Jesus more than I love sex.” Sex is good because God created it, but he created it for a husband and wife to freely enjoy. Jesus saved me from my sin, and gave me a clean heart that desires to serve Him, and he can do this for ANYONE (John 3:16). It is only because of him that I am able to continue this walk of purity.

Transparency: My biggest temptation is not crossing established boundaries with my fiancé. I’ve been engaged since September 2017, and we set boundaries in place to protect us from sinning against God and one another. I love my fiancé and since humans are emotional, affectionate creatures, it’s not always easy to keep your hands to yourself! But, Jesus is worth it. In moments of temptation, I meditate on the word of God and pray for strength to endure so that I can honor the Lord with my body. Every one is different — some people are not easily tempted by kissing and others are. I believe that boundaries in relationships as far as kissing, hugging, and holding hands is up to the couple because there is nowhere in the Bible that forbids any of those things in a romantic relationship. However, Christians are called to keep each other from stumbling into sin. If you need rules to keep you in check as you strive for holiness, set them in stone!

Thankfully I don’t have many triggers or extensive management when it comes to purity, because my standards were pretty clear from the beginning. Purity is a practice, and Christians must commit to denying their flesh to love the Lord by walking as He did. As a single Christian and even now, I don’t listen to certain music or watch certain movies because I want to guard my heart against impurity. I remember Bible verses to be encouraged in my walk (Psalm 119:6). When impure thoughts come, I must take control and do away with them, so that I’m not meditating on it. The mind is powerful, so that’s not always easy. The more we fix our minds on God’s word, the stronger we get in this walk.

We have to be intentional about our lives, because we will all be held accountable for our actions (Hebrews 4:13). Will we let God be the Lord of our lives, or will we be slaves to sin and be dragged to eternal death? Jesus gave himself and rose again, so we could be set free from the chains of our sin and have eternal life in Him, so purity is possible and it can start wherever you are on your journey. God is not asking for perfect people, he just wants our hearts.

We will never be totally pure until we are given new, sinless bodies in heaven, but Jesus promises to walk with us on this side of heaven. When we fall, we get back up again (Proverbs 24:16) as God continues his sanctifying work in his people.

Here is what Robert Giovanni Docteur has to say

I will start by saying that it is not perfect because God is still working in me based on Philippians 1:6.
Believe it or not, my biggest temptation is my friends. Being around them wakes up the old me.
It is not easy to be managed, but I manage that by reminding myself of who I am in Christ when I am around them. What is interesting is the fact that if by mistake I have done something not according to the Spirit, they will be the first one to question my Christianity.
And what triggers you the most?
Not sure about the question; however, what trigger me the most is talking about my past. Who I was before Christ found me and gave me light.
And how do you deal with it?
Isaiah 43:15. Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old.

As far of my personal walk, I will have to tell you more on another piece (soon). But, what I can tell you thus far is that your inner circle matter so much in your walk of purity, your very good friends might have good intentions for you but if they are not receiving daily counsel from God I am sorry to tell you that they cannot counsel you when it comes to your heart. I experienced this bright and clear after this encounter. So, be careful who you pour out your heart to. They enemy can use the people you love to get in your way BE CAREFUL.

I hope that this piece brought you or a loved one some light and encouragement.





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