'The Society' Is The One Netflix Show Nobody Wishes They Were In
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'The Society' Is The One Netflix Show Nobody Wishes They Were In

Netflix has nailed down the apocalyptic TV show genre with "The Society" and it's amazing enough to make you never want to be in their shoes.

'The Society' Is The One Netflix Show Nobody Wishes They Were In

SPOILER WARNER: This article contains spoilers for "The Society"

"The Society" is a new Netflix original series about high school students that get taken to what they believe in an alternate universe that looks exactly like their town. After they realize they are alone and trapped, these high schoolers have to develop their own society to survive.

This goes about as well as you think it would.

The beginning leads to total chaos and ransacking of stores and then just when you think it is getting better a total twist shakes the town. This twist leads to fear, naturally. The rest of the first season leads to power changes, trying to plan out a path to live through winter and devising a plan to get home.

In the meantime, there is the issue of keeping civil peace, protecting each other from relationship abuse and learning how to be doctors and deliver babies when one of the students found out she was pregnant. Learning how to be an adult is hard enough, but having to form a new civilization at the same time is a whole different challenge.

I can honestly say I would not survive being dropped into a situation similar to this. I think I would try to be a leader, but would not even know how to start and in turn end up hiding away. Not to mention that terrifying questions of what if nothing else exists, what do we do if the electricity goes out and what if we are the only people left?

The show doesn't answer these questions at all.

Other people have tried to answer these questions like in "Lord of the Flies," a novel about elementary schoolers being dropped onto an island as a social experiment to see if they can survive. While the children are monitored the entire time, even young kids were corrupted by power and attempted to kill each other before anyone got involved.

The apocalyptic genre tends to end in death or with disturbed people attempting to live even though they have no chance of survival. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to have to start an entire civilization without help or technology, but I know I would not want to.

"The Society" is produced very well and brings you into the story to the point you can almost experience the fear the students are. If you like to think about the apocalypse, definitely check this one out.

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