The New Way Forward Act, Is A Radical Immigration Bill.
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The New Way Forward Act, Is A Radical Immigration Bill.

The Democrats new immigration bill will make it hard for our border police and ICE to make arrest to illegal aliens.

The New Way Forward Act, Is A Radical Immigration Bill.

The Democrats are proposing a new bill called, H.R. 5383 or The New Way Forward Act. This is a bill that would basically let anyone in from any country without having to become a citizen. This bill would effectively eviscerate immigration enforcement at the border and in the interior of the United States.

It would also eliminate all detention for immigration purposes. This would now put restrictions on ICE and Border Patrol, this includes making arrests at the border. So basically people can just walk right threw the border gate and they can stay with this the bill.

If there are any arrests made the officers have to justify the arrest, if it was done without a warrant. This would also create a "statute of limitations" of up to five years for the commencement of removal proceedings based on even the most serious criminal offenses. This is one of the most radical bills the Democrats have proposed.

An illegal immigrant will not be deported back to their country even if they kill someone, they will have the right to stay here. People who were deported before this bill, will have the right to come back and have their case re-opened, how is this even fair, our justice system needs fixing with our own people, it will be so much was with people coming here illegally.

According to, this is what the bill would cover.

  • It would all but eliminate detention for immigration purposes, and impose new burdens on our already overtaxed immigration courts.
  • It would place onerous restrictions on ICE officers and Border Patrol agents in making immigration arrests — including in desolate areas of the border in the middle of the night.
  • It would require those officers and agents to justify every arrest of an alien without a warrant before an immigration judge, straining to the point of elimination DHS's limited immigration-enforcement resources.
  • It would create a "statute of limitations" of five years for the commencement of removal proceedings based on even the most serious criminal offenses.
  • It would limit the criminal grounds of removal so significantly that only the most extreme offenses would render criminal aliens removable, and would also expand the relief available to the few aliens who would still be removable on criminal grounds.
  • It would make the amendments to the criminal grounds of removal and relief retroactive so that even criminal aliens who have been removed from the United States, but who would not have been removable had that law been in effect, could apply to have their cases reopened or reconsidered. Immigration judges and the Board of Immigration Appeals would have no discretion not to reopen or reconsider those cases.
  • It would require DHS to pay to fly those criminal aliens who have been removed and who would be eligible for reopening or reconsideration thereunder back to the United States — which would result in dangerous criminal aliens being returned at taxpayer expense back to this country to commit more crimes.
  • It would prevent state and local law enforcement from assisting ICE and CBP in immigration enforcement in any way, and bar the inclusion of immigration-related information into the NCIC database or its incorporated criminal history databases. This would essentially make every jurisdiction in the United States a "sanctuary jurisdiction". As a result, ICE officers would have to risk their own safety and the safety of the community as a whole to arrest dangerous criminal aliens at their homes or in public places.
  • It would repeal the criminal grounds of illegal entry and re-entry into the United States, encouraging fraud, enriching smugglers, traffickers, and criminal cartels, and endangering the national security and the community.
This bill will hurt the United States in so many ways including public safty and the economy. Not all illigals are bad, but you do have drug cartels and sex traffickers. And most of the drugs in the U.S. come from Mexico so why should we be so lack when it comes to illigals?
Come here the legal way, just like if we went to your country or any other to become citzens, we would have to go through all the proper channels, people coming here should have to do the samething.

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