If you have social media, I am positive you have at least heard of the mannequin challenge. You may not understand what it is or why is it relevant but at least you get the general gist. It has been literally everywhere. People all over the news love the mannequin challenge because they get to make reports of celebrities trying them as well as sports teams.

The whole point of the mannequin challenge is to hold still and remain frozen as a camera films it. This is very similar to a still frame, but it isn’t actually still. You just remain still. In order to have a successful mannequin challenge, you are also supposed to play “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmund in the background. I am not entirely sure why. I googled the lyrics and nowhere in the lyrics does it say “mannequin challenge.” I watched the music videos and there was not a whole lot of stillness. Yet, almost all videos have this song playing in the background.

In honor of the mannequin challenge and its current popularity, I decided to share a few of the best mannequin challenges that I have seen recently. My favorite was done by the Texas A&M gymnastics team. It was insane! I swear I only saw one small flinch from one of the gymnasts and they were holding ridiculous poses.

Another personal favorite was done by

Taylor Swift. Be sure to watch the ending for a little twist on the mannequin challenge. The only issue I have with this one is that the girls' hair was blowing in the wind in the video. In a mannequin challenge, everything should be still. Yet, it is Taylor Swift so she doesn't need to play by the rules.

Last, but not least, I loved the mannequin challenges demonstrating the dangers of drunken driving or texting and driving.

The Miami-Dade Police Department did a fantastic job promoting their cause. Their mannequin challenge was slightly different. There were no song lyrics but the "Black Beatles" beat played in the background and it was chilling. There was a very important message at the end, as well so be sure to watch all the way through.

Well there you have it, some of the best mannequin challenges on the internet. Be sure to go out and find some of your own favorites. Some of them are all fun and games but others are more serious, like the drunken driving ones. Either way, this is a great and fun challenge that you too can take part in with family or friends.