The Magic Of Going To Concerts
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The Magic Of Going To Concerts

1. a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.

And that's exactly what going to concerts is like: a feeling of euphoria.

The Magic Of Going To Concerts
Kelly's Camera Roll

On July 10th, 2009, I attended my very first concert: the Jonas Brothers. Since this very day I have been to more than 150 shows and counting. I had no idea that ten years ago this small moment in time would have such an immense impact on my life, but it truly has. Of course my 9 year-old-self believed the show would be a life altering event because, it was like, you know, the Jonas Brothers. But I did not realize the ways in which my very life would soon revolve around nights like these forevermore.

Ever since I could remember, music has been a form of therapy for me. Always being there for me when no one else was, making me feel less alone in this world, helping me understand, helping me get through dark periods where it seemed like there would never be any light. I found a love in music that I couldn't find elsewhere, and for this I will forever be grateful.

I always craved a greater connection to music than just a cord connecting the lyrics to my ears, and what's a better way to attain that than by experiencing it live? I remember the refreshing happiness and exhilaration I felt at that Jonas Brothers concert so many years ago, and I immediately knew it was something I wanted to be able to relive for the rest of my life. To me, going to concerts is like an addiction; you're always craving more. The feeling you get from going to a live show is hard to explain because it is something you must experience and cannot simply read about to understand. There's a kind of euphoria in the air: excitement, love, a feeling of belonging. You could be thousands of miles away from where you live, yet still feel right at home. The energy is electric. I find a type of comfort in being surrounded by hundreds of people who all came together to support who and what they love. A type of comfort in being surrounded by hundreds of people who all have that same connection to the music, to the artists, to the lyrics. A type of comfort in being surrounded by hundreds of people screaming the same lyrics as you at the top of their lungs. Its unlike anything else in the world: happiness at its purest form.

I've been to concerts with friends, with family, and by myself. I've been to concerts in state, and out of state. I've been to concerts in backyards, and in stadiums. It does not matter where, with who, or how large the crowd: every single show I've been to has left me feeling whole, and appreciated, and liberated. Every single show I've been to has left me feeling loved and has served as a reminder I don't need to be anyone else but myself. Because who I am, and who I am becoming IS good enough, and is exactly who I am meant to be.

And although sometimes life is hard, and sometimes the thought of having to get out of bed every morning can feel like the end of the world, there's the power of anticipation. I always find that when I'm having a tough day, week, or month even, thinking of the next concert I have coming up always helps bring me back to reality, and remember life isn't ever as bad as we think it is.

I am beyond thankful for having three older brothers who are all gracious enough to have taken me to concerts over the years, giving me a head start on this adventure. For having my two loving parents, who, although think it's crazy sometimes, let me see that band for the 6th time that year. For every single friend I've made through those artists and those shows. For every single feeling felt, every single memory made, and every single thing I've learned.

I cannot wait to keep doing this for the rest of my life. My own little utopia.

And finally, 10 years later… I'll see ya again in September, @JonasBrothers <3

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