Lent Is Not A Time Of Self-Improvement
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Lent Is Not A Time Of Self-Improvement

Lent is not in place so for a few weeks out of the year we can try to lose weight or become less addicted to our phones.

Lent Is Not A Time Of Self-Improvement
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I’m writing this on Ash Wednesday, so it’s officially the Lenten season!

Lent is 40 days (six weeks) of fasting from something, reflecting on the 40 days Jesus spent alone in the wilderness. Before I go any further, I want to point out how Lent is seriously one of the coolest experiences in the religious community — and is a really doable way to remove something from your life distracting you from God.

However, this season can so easily shift the focus from God, and show how we overcame this struggle ourselves. Lent is not in place so for a few weeks out of the year we can try to lose weight or become less addicted to our phones. Lent is supposed to bring us closer to God.

One of my favorite quotes from a church service is: “When a good thing becomes an ultimate thing it becomes a very dangerous thing.” My understanding of lent is to give up an “ultimate,” in order to strengthen your relationship with Christ.

Lent is not a time of self-improvement, this truly is a time to release control of something that has consumed our daily lives and give it all back to God. This can even mean turning to Him in times of struggle during the next six weeks.

Give up something taking up your thoughts, in order to focus on God and His good and perfect will for our lives. This doesn’t have to be a tangible object either. Giving up something tangible can show real results, which is usually more reinforcing, but giving up something, such as negative thoughts, is another way to remove something that has become a barrier in seeing yourself as who God made you to be.

I know I’m a few days late to the party, but if you’re struggling with coming up with something to give up, I’ve constructed a list. Anything that causes unnecessary stress (sorry, not school). Toxic relationships. Unhealthy foods — yes, sugar is an option.

It sounds silly, to give up something like sugar for God. But if something as simple as the obsession you have with sugar (or social media or whatever it may be) is getting in the way of your relationship with God, remove it. In the name of Lent, remove it.

I wish all of you the best in your Lent-related endeavors and I hope that you receive a better understanding of Christ through this season.


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