The J.A Vasquez Measurement of Hardcoreness
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The J.A Vasquez Measurement of Hardcoreness

Your scale for all things hardcore music related

The J.A Vasquez Measurement of Hardcoreness
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I like Metal. It is my preferred genre of music right next to Chiptune and Dubstep. But contrary to normie beliefs, not all Metal is created equal. So I created a nifty little scale called The J.A Vasquez Measurement of Hardcoreness.

1. Normie Garbage

This is everything from Taylor Swift to Ed Sheeran and from J Cole to Luke Byrant. Normie mainstream garbage that is safe to show to your grandma. Your fucking grandma for Christsakes. I swear to Satan that if I have to listen to "Lemonade" by Beyonce one more time, someone's windpipe is gonna get crushed.

2. Emo Vampires

So near the bottom of the Hardcore food chain are what I call Emo Vampires. These are your Alesanas, your Snow White's Poison Bites, Your Vampires Everywheres (hence the name). Also this is where *shudders* Blood on the Dance Floor falls in. Dear God. I think I'm gonna puke. Let me just move on quickly...

3. Mid-Tier Metalcore

Okay so this group is in the middle. Not really normie but then again not really that hardcore. Bring Me The Horizon and All That Remains are great examples of this level of Hardcore. Note that while this does have Metalcore in it's name, not every band will fall under the Metalcore genre (see Helia).

4. The Other "Cores"

So we have the rest of the "core" metal genres: Deathcore, Grindcore, etc. This stuff is like kryptonite to most normies. We are talking about Suicide Silence, I Killed The Prom Queen, etc. This is some pretty hardcore stuff. However, many normies consider this music to be Satanic. Which is funny because...

5. Really Hardcore Shit

This is the satanic shit that would melt the face off of any normie. We got Satanic Warmaster, Burzum, Behemoth, Dark Funeral... alongside Death Metal (The Faceless, Cannibal Corpse, Cattle Decapitation, and Waco Jesus). This is the top of the Hardcore food chain.

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