The December Birthday Struggle Bus

The December Birthday Struggle Bus

A few dilemmas arise when your birthday falls in the same month as Christmas.


Birthdays are awesome. December is awesome. Christmas is awesome. These are all facts we know to be true. However, there are a few slight issues that happen when they all fall together. Here are 10 struggles of having a December Birthday.

1. People forget. Between finals, and Christmas, and the end of the semester, who has time to remember birthdays?

2. It usually falls during finals, which means less celebrating and more cramming.

3. There’s no place to hold your birthday, because everything is booked for Christmas parties.

4. Christmas, Christmas Everywhere. Christmas paper wrapped birthday presents. Christmas-themed gifts.

5. No pool parties. Since it’s pretty much freezing in most places in December, pool parties were always out. No, we get to trade in our attractive bathing suits for a nice parka. And who doesn’t want to look like a marshmallow on their birthday?

6. People combine your birthday with Christmas. “Let’s just celebrate both together.” One present, two holidays am I right?! Um, no. None of that please.

7. If your birthday falls later in the month, no one is around to celebrate it.

8. I feel for my homies with 25th birthdays. Growing up with “Wow you share a birthday with Jesus, how lucky!” would get old really fast. No kid has ever found this to be lucky… Jesus deserves his own birthday and so does everyone else.

9. One more time for emphasis…FINALS. Even in high school, exams were always around this time, and believe it or not, I can think of better ways to spend my birthday then writing a paper and studying for a final. Many ways.

10. The 326 days that aren’t in your birthday month means no celebrations for basically a year. That’s a long time to wait to be festive.

While this is meant as a satire of the struggles that come with December birthdays, make no mistake, I love my birthday. I am a Sagittarius through and through, and wouldn’t want my birthday to fall at any other time. Here’s to all the December babies, who get to celebrate for a whole month during the “most wonderful time of the year!”

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