The Business Student Life at UCF
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Student Life

The Business Student Life at UCF

Paying to teach yourself and staying motivated to do so…

The Business Student Life at UCF

Waking up to head to class? I could not relate to you even in the slightest. Currently, I am a pre-finance major (yeah I switched) and my classes are reduced seating time. This means you learn everything online (through the book and videos provided by the professor) and only go in once per two weeks to do a lab with a group.

You may think, why I would be complaining about not going to class so often? The reality is that I dislike teaching myself lessons that are impossible in some cases. For example, a class that I am taking, Quantitive Business Tools II, is notoriously hard and I have no understanding of what I am learning right now. I can go to the teaching assistants and ask them all the questions I have. Though, if it were taught in class, I probably would understand the material more.

Also, the videos sometimes are just terrible. They are hard to understand, especially with the thick accents on some of these professors! I am not saying they are terrible teachers, it is just hard to understand what they are trying to say. What scares me the most is how long some of these videos are. They range from a few minutes to 40 minutes. Sometimes I want to cry to sleep thinking about the number of videos I have to watch the next day.

Also, if you have no friends going into college and you are already taking pre-business courses, I would recommend you join clubs or get a job ASAP. If you do not have friends, you will feel so lonely. Waking up every morning (or afternoon) to just work on your classes at Starbucks… or sitting in your bed contemplating what you are going to do today…. terrible.

Though, I guess the upside to being a business student is that you are able to travel when you are on your off time. Taking your exams is another pro as well. You have to take it in a testing center on campus but they give you a wide range of dates to take it so whenever you feel ready, you are able to take it. So… I guess that all I have for the pros?

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