The Best Parts About The Fall

The Fall season is a really special time of the year. The weather starts to get colder, the leaves change color and we start putting pumpkin flavor in just about everything. Fall is packed with a ton of events and activities that definitely shouldn’t be missed, so today I’d like to talk about just a few of my favorite things about the season.

One of the coolest parts of the Fall is all of the different treats. Pumpkin themed desserts are definitely the most popular during this time of the year, and while I’m not as big on them as many others, I still love the little orange gourds. Personally, I prefer my pumpkin flavor to be a little more subtle, with just enough to let me know that it’s there. My favorites are pumpkin pie (even though it’s not as good as sweet potato pie), and pumpkin spice Oreos. I know that last one probably sounds a bit weird, but they are actually really good!

I love the Summer months and the activities that happen during them just as much as the next person. However, when it comes to clothes, I love the warmer attire of the Fall. I love wearing jeans, hoodies, long sleeve henleys and sweaters, and there’s no better time than the Fall to break these things out. These types of clothes make enjoying the Fall weather much more enjoyable. The change in weather gives way to an abundance of oranges and browns outside, and there aren’t many things I love more than taking a nice little stroll outside.

How could I talk about the Fall without mentioning Halloween? Second to Christmas, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love watching scary movies, seeing all of the awesome costumes and going trick or treating (at least when I was younger). But most of all, I love eating all of the Halloween themed desserts. Candy corn, dirt cake, ghostly marshmallows, candy apples, these are just a few of the special treats that are associated with the spooky holiday.

There’s a lot to love about the Fall. From the cool weather to the fun treats, there are plenty of opportunities to have fun during this time of the year.

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