The Best Moments in "Stranger Things 2"
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The Best Moments in "Stranger Things 2"

Spoilers ahead!

The Best Moments in "Stranger Things 2"

Over Halloweekend, I binge-watched 'Stranger Things 2' with my friends. We loved the first season but we didn't think the second one would be as good. We were wrong, it was even better. When we left off last season, Eleven was M.I.A. and they finally got Will out of the upside down. Season two picks up with everything being seeminglynormal but it quickly takes a huge turn when Will has nightmares. We are then introduced to new characters, Bob, Max, and Billy. Bob is Will's mother Joyce's new dorky boyfriend. Billy and Max are step-siblings that are forced to move to Hawkins after their parents got married. There are a lot of differences and character growth compared to last season. Here are my favorite moments over the nine episodes.

1. When Dustin was trying to get rid of Dart

Dart was a "lizard" that Dustin found in his garbage can. It breaks out of its cage and he puts on hockey apparel to try and get it.

2. Eleven dressing up as a ghost to scare Hopper

It's revealed that Hopper lives with Eleven in the middle of the woods to keep her safe. He makes her eggos and they even have a special knock so she knows it's him.

3. All of Steve's dad moments

Last season Steve was a huge idiot that everyone hated. This season, he agrees to help Dustin with Dart and basically becomes the dad/babysitter for six children.

4. Max being a badass

Even though Mike thought she was replacing Eleven, Max was pretty cool. She beat Dustin's record on the video games, skateboarded, and drove her brother's car.

5. The "Ghostbusters" sequence

For Halloween, the boys were all ghostbuster. It was the 80's who wouldn't want to be a ghostbuster? They have this whole montage about their parents smothering them with taking pictures. Then when they get to school, no one else is wearing costumes.

6. Bob "The Brain"

Bob is introduced early in the season as Joyce's new boyfriend. He seems quirky and when Will spits up these random symbols Bob is the only one who figures it out. Unfortunately, after his heroic escape, Bob was eaten by a Demogorgon. #JusticeforBob

7. Erica every time she was on the screen

This season we go more in depth of Lucas's family life. This brings us his sassy little sister Erica. She by far has the best lines in the entire show.

8. Mike and Eleven seeing each other again

Mike tried to contact Eleven for 353 (3+5+3=11) days through a walkie talkie. She was so excited to see him and she even killed a demo-dog.

8. Eleven meeting her mom

Eleven finds her mom but her papa killed her brain cells. She just keeps repeating the same phrases over and over again because she was so traumatized. Eleven finally gets to talk to her in "the void".

9. Nancy and Jonathan finally kissing

Nancy and Jonathan take a trip to see this guy Murray that Barb's parents hired. Together they try to figure out exactly what happened to her. While there they have some drinks and decide to stay over. They are at first in separate beds but then they meet in the hallway and kiss. #Jancy over #Stancy any day.

10. Steve thinking Mike was Nancy

Steve got knocked out by Billy so the kids took him the hospital. During the car ride, he awoke and saw Mike thinking he was Nancy.

11. Dustin and Steve's bromance

After Dustin asks for Steve's help they bond. He even tells Dustin his secret for amazing hair. (Farrah Fawcett Hairspray)

12. Eleven and Hopper reuniting

When Hopper is taking Eleven back home he tells her he likes her "punk makeup". He also apologizes for yelling at her and tells her about his deceased daughter.

14. Hopper adopting Eleven

In one of the last scenes of the season, the Dr shows Hopper his adoption certificate. I definitely want to see her reaction next season.

15. Hopper hugging Mike

Mike is understandably upset when he finds out Hopper kept Eleven hidden from him. They go in a room and Mike screams at him. He gets so angry but Hopper just holds him and tells him that he did it to protect her.

16. Billy and Nancy's mom

Billy wanted to know where Max was so he went to Nancy's to find out. Nancy's lonely mom gets out of the tub and answers the door. They had such a weird flirtatious exchange.

17. The Snowball

The snowball had many revelations including a kiss between Eleven and Mike. Dustin also asked every girl to dance and they declined. Nancy saved the day and made all the other girls envious by dancing with him.

"Stranger Things 2" is now streaming on Netflix!

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