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Student Life

5 inspiring things that Bloggers teach Me other Than Just Fashion Advice

They have taught me about celebrating your uniqueness, smiling from your soul, and finding your passion.


Who knows why, but I have recently been obsessed with blogging. No, I do not have my own yet (although stay tuned because who knows what will happen), but I have been following a handful of inspirational women on Instagram who write lifestyle, fashion, and style blogs. Outsiders looking in may not understand the craze and the surge in this industry because they view it as a bunch of pretty ladies posting pretty pictures with a pretty background. While following my "bloggers" has improved my ability to coordinate cute outfits, I have also experienced multiple glimpses into their personal lives. The lessons I'm about to list are all things that I have already "learned" and "knew", but they've given me a fresh perspective on celebrating your uniqueness and staying passionate.

1. Be unique.

Everyone has their own personality, their own style, and everything else that makes you YOU. Focus on those traits, celebrate your uniqueness, and have the confidence to embrace yourself.

2. They eat pizza too!

It is summer time which means that the inspiring women I follow on Instagram are posting a lot of gorgeous pics in their stylish 2-piece crop sets, their cute work out clothes, or their fun bikinis at the beach. One of my favorite bloggers, Kristin Coffey, recently posted a pic of her munching on some pizza. Pizza is my favorite food group, so I was ecstatic to see proof that these women I follow are in fact normal human beings who enjoy these fine delicacies in life. This leads me to my next point that it's all about…

3. Balance.

If fitness and eating nutritional food is important to you and your goals, it's critical to follow a set of guidelines that work for your eating habits, body, and progress. However, don't forget to enjoy a donut, a pizza, or an ice cream sandwich when you're craving one.

4. Smile.

It's hard to fake a smile, even if some of these lovely ladies do for the 'gram occasionally, but it's clear to all us followers when someone is being consistently fake. All the bloggers I follow have this deep happiness inside and their smiles and attitudes reflect that. We all are at different places in our personal lives, but we can't forget to find things to be happy about and flash a smile that stems from deep inside us. Olivia Rink even wrote a blog post on the Habits of Healthy People which is just one example that they're not just putting themselves out there to make money but to spread their joy amongst others.

5. If you want to do something—do it.

All the bloggers I follow made the decision that they wanted to pursue their passion—blogging. Some of them do this as their full-time job while others work full-time and blog in addition to that. Some of the most dangerous thoughts that prohibit adventure and creative release are "I'm too busy", "I probably can't do it", and "I'm comfortable where I'm at." If you have a passion for X, Y, or Z, make time in your day and pursue your passion, otherwise, you'll never find out what is missing from your life.

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