'The Alienist' A Review Of TNT's Daunting New Crime Drama
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'The Alienist' A Review Of TNT's Daunting New Crime Drama

"TNT creates a not-so-different crime show, but an entertaining one at that."

'The Alienist' A Review Of TNT's Daunting New Crime Drama
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With so many shows unraveling themselves so fast, it’s impossible to keep up with it all. That being said, I was convinced by my father to watch TNT’s brand new show, The Alienist.

If you have not heard of it, "The Alienist" is a 19th century period piece limited time series on TNT. The show follows three main characters desperately trying to solve a case that follows a suspected serial killer in old New York City. Dr. Laszlo Kreisler, played by Daniel Bruhl, is a desperate psychologist driven with passion to solve the city’s most outrageous and disturbing crime; the murder beginning with a small boy dressed as a girl, his eyes gouged out of his head and his arm completely severed.

Noticing similar crimes erupting in the area, Kreisler makes it his own mission to understand this patterned killer, and solve the mystery once and for all by getting into the killer’s head. Supported by John Moore (played by Luke Evans), a delicate Illustrator with a desperate need for human contact, and Sara Howard (played by Dakota Fanning), a strong and independent aspiring police detective, the story’s three characters are eclectic, inspiring, and drawing. If not for the storyline, "The Alienist" proves to hold their characters high, readying them for much development and many obstacles to come their way.

As far as the story goes, the episode follows the typical crime-junkie outline; setting up the attacks from the beginning and allowing our characters to fester in confusion. If you’re a complete crime show fanatic, "The Alienist" brings you just that; a Law and Order structure mixed with a Sherlock aura, creating a not-so-different crime show, but an entertaining one at that. The show does have the necessary fluff to fill the minds of those that thrive on drama and sensuality, however, the main problem of the story remains in check, hinting towards the inevitable change of our character’s lives and habits.

Apart from the main storyline of the limited series, the costume and set design of the period piece were beautiful and mostly accurate to the time the filmmaker’s wished to represent. The show included thousands of visual clues that tickled a viewers mind, foreshadowing and hinting at certain elements to come in the future. The show’s visual techniques not only pleases a viewer, but allows them to really emerge themselves in the show, and make predictions of their own.

Overall, "The Alienist" serves to be a fascinating series of TNT, and it is the perfect fit for anyone craving a little mystery or a psychological thrill in their daily life.

That being said, go check out "The Alienist" for yourself on TNT’s website.

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