Thanks to Drexel's quarter system, the summer between freshman and sophomore year here extends to September 24th, which is painful and boring. Here are the 5 stages of grief but told through the perspective of an incoming sophomore:

1. Denial

You're most likely in denial that all of your friends are going back to school while you still have a month. You'll find yourself texting them, trying to make plans, then realizing that they aren't in your hometown anymore and you're alone.

2. Anger

Your only options are to work or just sit at home and be bored, which lends to angry situations. Not only do you feel like a piece of shit for not being productive, you still have another month before you can live on your own and make your own decisions. One more month of your parents nagging you can build up the anger.

3. Bargaining

This one comes into play when you live in American Campus Housing and beg them to let you move in early, just so you can get out of the hell hole that is your hometown. They, of course, won't let you move in early unless you HAVE to be on campus for something academic related and have a note from the school, so you try to come up with excuses to make it seem like you need to be in Philly. It doesn't work.

4. Depression

This one is quite obvious. All of your home friends are out partying at school while you're stuck at home watching Netflix with your dog.....I'm not speaking from experience or anything....

5. Acceptance

This is when you accept that you're at a quarter-system school and that you'll be going back soon enough, so you take advantage of the sleep you'll get now because you know you won't get any when you get back to school.

Don't get me wrong, I love Drexel, but waiting for summer to be over KILLED me this year!!