The 10 Best Childhood TV Shows You Forgot Existed
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The 10 Best Childhood TV Shows You Forgot Existed

We all remember getting ready to watch the new episode of our favorite tv show on Disney and Nickelodeon, but do you remember what those shows were? Take a look for a blast from the past!

The 10 Best Childhood TV Shows You Forgot Existed

Cody took over Riverdale, Miranda Cosgrove disappeared, and Raven Samone is back on Disney with a tv show about her daughter. These classic childhood tv shows are so unforgettable, but now that we have grown up we tend to forget about them.

From living a wizard life to jamming out on stage, kids that find these awesome shows from the 2000s will fall in love with the life these characters have; so take a trip down memory lane with me and reminisce on the life you wanted to have as a kid!

1. "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody"

Just admit it: We all either loved Zach or Cody, but Cole Sprouse is definitely the superior twin now. Living in a hotel, running around doing whatever you want all the time, and always getting to have fun is what this show was all about! As an elementary and middle schooler, the idea of a party all the time life made this show one of the all-time best shows during my childhood!

2. "iCarly"

Imagine being a famous YouTuber with two awesome best friends (who end up in love!) and living in the coolest apartment ever! I definitely wanted to be in this show and living this awesome life instead of having a boring room and going to school!

3. "The Wizards of Waverly Place"

Harry Potter is amazing, yes, but having a sweet little witch to look up was so fun when I was younger! I loved watching Selena Gomez play tricks on her family, friends, and learn all about how to be a witch!

4. "Drake & Josh"

This one is a classic (and still on Hulu!) Nickelodeon has to still claim Drake and Josh as one of their biggest hits because it is hilarious and has something for people of all ages. I just started putting this show on in the background while I work on homework or cleaning and I still know all of the words!

5. "Zoey 101"

The definition of a perfect high school was Zoey 101. Being able to live in the coolest dorms, eat sushi all day, and fall in love with your best friend was another one of my middle school dreams! Of course, real high school let me down after I set my expectations so high with this show.

6. "Hannah Montana"

I feel like everyone dreams of being famous at some point in their life and Hannah Montana embodied the double life everyone wanted to have. I still remember the shock of her pulling off her wig and revealing her identity at the end of the show. I am so glad Miley Cyrus is back to being normal now, but I would love to see a Hannah Montana spin off about Miley's life!

7. "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide"

This was the realest of all the shows I watched as I kid, but high school was still worse than the show. I think what made this show a classic is how hilarious it was. There was never an episode so serious that I did not laugh my head off and I would love to be able to go back and watch it again now that I am an adult in college and survived all the struggles of being in high school.

8. "That's So Raven"

Admit it: we all loved this show and ran around pretending to see the future after watching it. From the fun music, catchy sayings, and hilarious cast this is one of the tv shows I miss the most! There is a spin-off series about Raven's kids, but I haven't had a chance to watch it yet!

9. "Cory in the House"

This was probably less watched, but I loved it! The entire process of being in the White House as a live in family was such an out of this world concept kept having me come back to watch it every week. While this was less popular than other shows I absolutely loved it.

10. "The Amanda Show"

This show still makes me laugh when I see clips of it on YouTube and here people talk about it. Amanda Bynes has been a hot mess since the show, but I really loved watching this show with my friends and laughing at it all day every day!

There are countless amazing tv shows that I need Netflix, Hulu, HBO, someone to put on a streaming service, but these are ten of my all-time favorites that are great to reminisce on!

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