Thank You For Saving Me
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Thank You For Saving Me

You're the real MVP

Thank You For Saving Me
Lauren Borchart

The Summer of 2016. It was a picturesque day on the island of Kona. Cliché I know. But it was. So much in fact that my best friend and roommate, Stori, decided why not have a silly and fun photoshoot. So we headed down to the local farmers market, bought a pineapple (like all basic girls do), and headed to the beach.

You might be asking why Stori and I were alone in Hawaii, and that's quite a valid question. Well it was because Stori has some awesome family friends who let us stay a few weeks while we watched the house and dog sat while they were out of town. Now back to the story.

Heading down to the beach Stori gets hit on by a guy. This is a very common occurrence for her. She is drop dead gorgeous, tan and athletic. (Don't worry, I will put a picture below, and by the way she's single!) I'm quite used to this so I continue scouting for locations to take pictures on the beach and she's awkwardly conversing with this local Hawaiian. Eventually things start getting weird, the guy leaves and we book it to the next beach.

Stori thought she gave the guy a fake number, but no, it was her actual one (tisk tisk Stori). After about a dozen phone calls sent to voicemail, we pick up our pace on our way to the next beach in order avoid Stori's admirer.

Okay now we're good, the creepy guy is gone, we have our pineapple, we found the perfect beach and we're ready to take pictures! The beach we're at is pretty rock, in fact it was probably all rocks with a small sandbar. I go out to explore the rocky yet relatively deep-watered terrain. I'm about 30 yards out from Stori when I spot a sea turtle. I hear Stori call from behind me, "Watch out, there's a lot of sea urchins". I brush off the comment and keep making my way out closer to the turtle to get a better look. I see a wave coming so I try to hop from one rock to another, of course I slip and my big toe makes contact with a sea urchin spine. Great. Here I am probably 40 yards away from Stori. I start laughing because the timing of her comment was so comical. I yell back to her about my coincidental injury and she asks if I'm alright. Surprising I feel really good, no pain. I lift my foot out of the water and see the spine in my toe and the blood dripping down my foot. Suddenly I'm not so good. I've only ever passed out once in my life, but I knew the feeling. I knew I was going to pass out.

I call out to Stori, "Um, Stori, I'm pretty sure I'm going to pass out". Are you kidding me right now, was the best way to describe her face. Suddenly I realize I'm loosing consciousness. To be honest, I don't remember much else. All I remember is me being back on a rock close to shore, my bikini top up to my neck, revealing parts of me I'd rather keep covered and that's about it. Stori filled me in on the gaps. Supposedly she ran over right before I passed out and basically dragged me closer to shore, all while avoiding waves, and sea urchins, carrying my limp body. I was in and out of consciousness and all I would say is "I just want to go back in the car." Back on the rock I tried to stand up where I apparently passed out again, falling against the rock where I cut up my back and hands. Stori, trying to make me look decent by covering me back up, flags over a local who was walking by.

Now this part I remember. This nice man ran over and brought me a Cutie and Sprite while Stori sat next to me. The man asked if there was anything he could do and there really wasn't so he went on his merry way. Stori assisted me back to the car probably about 20 minutes later when I was feeling better. After coming home, Stori drew me a bath and tweezed out the remaining sand and spines in my toe disregarding how much I complained about the pain and cleaned the rocks and blood off of my back and hands. She cleaned out my wounds and bandaged me up. So thank you Stori, for saving me in Hawaii cause who knows how well I would've done being passed out in the middle of the ocean.

Also I would like to formally apologize, as the biggest tragedy that day was the loss of the pineapple. Stori had a tough decision, but she decided to abandon the pineapple in order to catch me, and if that isn't true friendship I don't know what is.

Rest in piece pineapple.
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