Ariana Grande's "thank u, next" will never get old because the meaning of the phrase can resonate with everyone and we all have someone or something we've been needing to say "thank u, next" to.

As we've all heard by now, "thank u, next" tells the story of many of the breakups Ari's gone through, the hardships she's overcome and the strength she has now. Whether it's an ex, a friend a habit you've tried so hard to quick "thank u, next" reminds us that we are allowed to grow, change and move on without any hard feelings.

Having resentment towards someone who was once so important to you only leaves you hurting more. A breakup of any kind is hard but remember that you are stronger than the worst pain and you owe it to yourself to walk away.

Acknowledging that you had great times and forgiving yourself for what went wrong is so crucial in moving on. Not all things in life whether relationships or friendships are meant to last forever, heck Ari thought she was going to marry Pete Davidson (can you imagine).

If she did marry Pete, the world would never have been blessed by the "thank u, next" album and Ari wouldn't have realized how badly she needed time to herself.

If there's someone or something in your life you'd be better off without, sing along with Ari and say "thank u, next" no matter how hard it may be. Be thankful for all that you've gained, for you wouldn't be who you are today without everything you've gone through, but also say goodbye.

It's OK to look back and think of all the good times, but know you're headed in a better direction now that you've said "thank u, next."