Terry Crews Joins The #MeToo Movement

More Men Should Be Like Terry Crews And Join The #Metoo Movement

Men coming out as rape victims isn't a joke.


Terry Crews was recently trending because of the Twitter argument he had with D.L Hughleys. This raised a lot of arguments concerning masculinity and how it affects rape cases, and this specifically affected Terry Crews because of the sexual harassment case he filed against one of his agents. Many people, especially African-American men, believe that as a man, you should be in control at all times, which also means that there should not be any situation where you should be found looking weak.

They do not believe that a man could be assaulted, especially a man like Terry Crews, seeing that he is of huge and muscular built. This is the reason why he has been really active in speaking against masculinity and what it really means.

Rape is not an issue that should be taken lightly, no matter what gender, race, or ethnicity the victim is.

Most people believe that men cannot be raped. They see men as the dominant figures in most situations, so this makes it really hard for men who have been raped to speak out against their abusers.

People just find it hard to believe that men are found in situations like this because they are the ones who are believed to hold all the power.

When news of Terry's sexual assault suit broke out, most people were left in doubt. People genuinely didn't believe a man like this could be abused. But the reality is that nobody knows what the actual victim went through in that situation, and even though we might feel like we are trying to help, making assumptions of what they should have done or giving pointers on how they could have avoided it is really the wrong way to do it.

It is seriously amazing that Terry Crews is speaking out against the stereotypes attached to men being sexually harassed by joining the #metoo movement.

He is paving a path for other men to come out of hiding and speak out against their abusers by saying that men can be abused, too.

I hope people will hop on this ride and stop stereotyping men that come out as rape victims as "weak" because they are not, and Terry Crews is proving that fact. They deserve to be helped the same way any other rape victim is helped.

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