2018 Fashion Trends That Need To Burn

Fashion. It is something that people use to express themselves on the daily. However, but sometimes these expressions go a little far hand. Here are a few 2018 fashion trends that should stay there.

1. Plastic covers over the knee of jeans


Why is this even a thing? Wait... are knees attractive?

2. Jeans that only the seam exists. 


What is even the point of putting on 'pants' at this point?

3.Plastic pants


Why didn't these die last year? Or 2 seconds after they were a thing?

4. These crazy tall heels 


Why risk breaking your neck for something that's not even that cute?

5. Velvet underwear


In defense for this, I heard it is really comfy, but it's not practical for everyday life.

6. Actually wearing these type of bras under clothes


Like what?

7. See through shoes


What if your feet sweat? Like will they get cloudy?

8. THESE cut outs


In the front, it's okay. Back? Probably not.

9. Decorated Suits


Sorry Harry Styles, I still love you.

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