Ten Reasons To Devote All Of Your Time To Pinterest
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Ten Reasons To Devote All Of Your Time To Pinterest

Where procrastination meets semi-productivity.

Ten Reasons To Devote All Of Your Time To Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network that allows users to share and discover images and website links that they find interesting. There are many categories such as; humor, hair and beauty, and DIY and crafts that users can browse through to find ideas. Here are 10 reasons why you should devote all of your time to Pinterest.

1. Useful tips for lazy people

Do you hate cleaning or cooking meals? How about working out or styling your hair? Pretty much any activity that involves expending energy has a set of useful tips on how to make these duties easier. Some of my favorites are the five minute hairstyles and the tips that involve cleaning while doing practically nothing.

2. Literally the Holy Grail for educators

Lesson plans, classroom decorations, classroom management tips and so much more can be found on Pinterest. If you are a teacher and don't have a Pinterest account then you are seriously missing out.

3. Fashion tips galore

Did you just buy a super trendy shirt but have no idea how to style it? Look to Pinterest. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have looked to Pinterest for tips on what looks good with a certain article of clothing. The only side effect is that looking at all of these clothes will make you want to deplete your bank account on new clothes.

4. DIY.. someday

Pinterest is probably best known for it's DIY category. From tips on things to make out of a toilet paper roll to pallet crafts, Pinterest has a craft for that. Pinterest will inspire you to bring out that crafty side of you that you always knew you had deep down inside of you. Chances are though that you'll pin a bunch of ideas that you never actually get around to doing. Pinning them is half the battle though right?

5. #Inspiring quotes

My absolute favorite part of Pinterest is the quotes category. Just break up with your boyfriend? Pinterest has a quote that will uplift and empower you. Need some self-confidence? Pinterest has a ton of confidence boosting quotes. Can't think of a caption for your cute picture on Instagram? PINTEREST. Any time you need some words to express what you're feeling but can't find the words for it yourself, turn to Pinterest.

6. Food, food, and more food

Pinterest has more food on it than your grandmother's table on Thanksgiving. Desserts, meat dishes, and sides, all available for your perusing. Healthy recipes, easy recipes, cheap recipes, need I say any more? If you like food, Pinterest is where you need to go.

7. Wedding central

Are you getting married in the next year, or have you never had a boyfriend but still enjoy planning for your wedding that you hope to have one day? Well Pinterest has everything you might possibly need. Wedding dresses that you'll drool over, decorations for every possible theme, and bridesmaids dresses that are far from the stereotypical poofy, ugly dresses can be found. Who needs a wedding planner when you have Pinterest?

8. Lets get physical

Working out is hard. Pinterest can make it a little easier by offering many tips on making your workouts more effective and easier. From butts to arms to muffin tops, Pinterest has an exercise plan for your problem area.

9. Beauty tips galore

I don't know about you, but I usually need a lot of help when it comes to beauty tips and tricks. Need to pick out a new haircut or just want a different way to do your hair? How about tips on perfecting that winged eyeliner? Any beauty problem you have Pinterest can help with.

10. Check your friends taste

Pinterest is the ultimate way to determine if people have good taste. Add your friends and see if their taste is as good as yours. Better yet, add random strangers and see if they have as good of taste as you do. Ta Da, you now have your new best friend, thanks to Pinterest.

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