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If Celebrities Are Running For President Now, I Say Taylor Swift Should Run

With all of that I do believe she would make a great president. So I support Taylor 2020.

If Celebrities Are Running For President Now, I Say Taylor Swift Should Run

I fully believe that Taylor Swift should run for president.

She has been a role model for many young girls over the last few years.

Some may say that Taylor has no political experience, which may be true, but our current president did not either. So that should not be the reason why Taylor should not run.

There is never any negative publicity about her.

At most, there might be a song or two written about the presidency.

This past presidency showed me that the candidate did not need prior political experience so that should not stop anyone who wants to run for president.

Taylor Swift's net worth is about 320 million dollars, which is around the same as Donald Trump, and Barack Obama's is about 40 million.

During Taylor Swift's latest tour, the Reputation Tour, she broke records for stadium attendance.

At her Denver, Colorado show on May 25th, 2018, she became the first woman ever to headline at the Mile High Stadium. She also broke the gross record at that venue–which had previously been held by U2–by $1.2 million.

Taylor made history at her second show in Dublin, Ireland, on June 16th, 2018, when she became the first woman to ever headline more than one show at Croke Park stadium.

She was only the fourth woman to play a concert at the stadium in its 134-year history, joining a list made up of Tina Turner, Celine Dion, and Beyoncé.

She also made history as the first female artist to play three consecutive shows at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.

For the first three shows on the tour, Taylor grossed in over 7 million per show.

Taylor has countless amounts of back up dancers and singers and members of her band that she has to work closely with.

Taylor has made surprise visits to fans that are in the hospital. This shows that she truly cares about her fans. Taylor has also surprised people at a wedding to sing for them.

Taylor has collaborated with many artists for songs, and even gave other bands songs that she wrote.

On the Reputation tour, her two opening acts, were females. This shows that Taylor is for female empowerment.

Back in October Taylor started posting on Instagram, encouraging her followers to vote in the midterm election. She is using her platform to encourage voting in the younger generation. She is sharing something that she is passionate about to her millions of followers that can help make a difference.

All of this information shows that Taylor knows how to make money, how to work with other people. Taylor knows how to collaborate well with others, she is already using her platform to encourage voting in the younger generation that follows her, and there is never any negative stuff about it her in the tabloids. She minds her own business, trying to be as normal as possible even though she is famous.

With all of that, I do believe she would make a great president. So I support Taylor 2020.

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