Taylor Swift Revealing Her Struggles With An Eating Disorder Is Nothing Short Of Fearless
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Taylor Swift Revealing Her Struggles With An Eating Disorder Is Nothing Short Of Fearless

Regardless of who you are, how much money you have, your level of fame, etc, it can happen to absolutely anyone.

Taylor Swift Revealing Her Struggles With An Eating Disorder Is Nothing Short Of Fearless

Taylor Swift attended Sundance Film Festival yesterday to premiere her newest documentary that is appearing on Netflix on January 31.

This documentary is said to show a side of Taylor that people (her fans included) have never seen before, sharing behind-the-scenes looks at Taylor's life, on and off stage.

It has been revealed that this documentary includes Taylor discussing a past eating disorder. Taylor says that seeing photos of herself online or reading what people have said about her triggered her to "just starve" and "stop eating." She says that she would wear certain clothes that would make her a target for criticizing comments, whether that be that she was "too skinny" or sometimes even comments saying that she looked pregnant.

Taylor also said that she hasn't revealed this before to the public, but after a talk with "Miss Americana" director Lana Wilson, decided that it "made sense" for her to talk about this, as well as Lana saying Taylor talking about this would have a "huge impact" noting that Taylor is a role model to so many people and applauded her honesty.

Knowing that Taylor has been affected by an eating disorder has the ability to encourage so many people and, although Taylor said she was uncomfortable speaking about it and still is, her bravery and honesty are admirable.

Although I'm only able to quote Taylor through what viewers of the documentary have said, I know that this will be such a powerful moment in the documentary. Viewers will be able to see a raw and vulnerable moment in Taylor's life as she discusses this and talks about how she overcame it by practicing positive thinking, among other things, I'm sure.

Eating disorders claim nearly one life per hour, affecting over 30 million people in the United States. If you or someone you know is affected by an eating disorder, call the Helpline at 800-931-2237 or reach out to their live chat to chat with a trained Helpline volunteer.

Taylor Swift's documentary "Miss Americana" will premiere on Netflix on January 31, 2020.

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