Tamar Braxton Fired From "The Real"
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Tamar Braxton Fired From "The Real"

The Story That Has Many, Even Tamar, Confused

Tamar Braxton Fired From "The Real"

When it was announced on May 22nd that the singer, Tamar Braxton, would not be returning to “The Real,” a well-known talk show, for its third season, many were confused and blatantly shocked. Braxton posted a picture on Instagram just the day before of her sister, Toni Braxton, with a long caption (pictured below) which mentioned being “stabbed in the back” and “stupidly trusting” someone.

Source: theybf.com

Her fans or ‘Tamartians,’ expressed their concern in the components wondering what was going on with the singer and if she were alright. In the long post, Braxton made it clear that the person who stabbed her in the back was not her husband (Vincent Herbert) or her sisters (Toni, Trina, Traci and Towanda Braxton). Her claim made fans suspect the only other people that they could think of – her coworkers Tamera Mowry-Housley, Loni Love, Jeannnie Mai, and Adrienne Bailon. Their suspicions were “confirmed” when it was publicized that the singer was fired from the show.

It wasn’t long before that rumors spread that Love, Mai and Bailon were the reason that Braxton was out of a job. Fans took to their social media pages and gave them a huge chunk of their minds. At one point, Love was getting so much hate on her Instagram page that she had to make her page private to stop the impolite comments. On May 24th, love posted a video (below) letting everyone know that she was not part of the reason why Braxton was fired. It was also noticed that Braxton stopped following Love and Mai on Instagram but continued to follow Bailon and Mowry-Housley which gave Bailon a little break from the angry, harsh fans.

A few days after the news broke out, Braxton’s coworkers uploaded and posted pictures onto their Instagram (all pictured below) of themselves and Braxton with a sweet caption beneath. That, however, didn’t stop the fans’ cruel comments.

Source: celebnmusic247.com

Source: bossip.com

Source: entertainmentrundown.com

Source: theybf.com

The coworkers weren’t the only ones getting serious hate on their social media pages - “The Real” was too. They have been and still are getting some very seriously angry comments from fans for firing tamar. Many have said that they will no longer watch the show since Braxton was fired. When “The Real” posted on their social media page they were “sending all their love to Tamar,” they were verbally shred into pieces and even the show’s title was questioned.

As the story progressed, more information about the situation came out. Rachel Miskowiec, executive producer at “The Real,” supposedly didn’t get along with Braxton much who she supposedly got into a “verbal dispute” with according to bet.com. Allegedly, Miskowiec is the reason why Braxton was fired even though “The Real” released a statement claiming that Braxton’s leave was mutual. There were statement that Braxton was fired because she was too “urban” and “ghetto” on the show and because she “didn’t get along” with the audience and her coworkers.

On “Braxton Family Values,” a reality show that the Braxton sisters and their mother are apart of, Tamar explained her side of the story about being fired from the talk show (video below). As a result of this, “The Real” producers are rumored to wanting to sue Braxton for “how they are being portrayed” says atlantadailyworld.com. Braxton, however, has not actually been sued yet. Not too long after, she went on Steve Harvey’s radio show where it was announced that Harvey would be producing her new television talk show (video below). I wish all the best for Tamar and her new journey. I sincerely hope that her new show is a huge success.

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