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Take A Minute To Process

It's important.

Take A Minute To Process
George Gvasalia

While looking outside the bedroom window of my apartment at Syracuse University, my mind seemed to go blank. For a second, I was able to visualize simply nothing, and soon begin to daydream about myself moving into this apartment nearly six months ago. Six months ago… I thought. As I am almost halfway through the second semester, it doesn't seem to make sense where all of the time went.

I feel like I was just getting off the plane from Japan, ready to spend four days at home before I would embark on my sophomore year at Syracuse University. I feel like I was just at NYFW in the fall when in reality, I just got back from spring Fashion Week. Life has somehow flown by lately, and there are definitely positives and negatives to that—but I like to think positive.

Over these past few crazy months, I have watched my sewing craft increase immensely. I have also watched my health deplete some, which always happens the second semester—as my sleep schedule seems to plummet more by the day. My coffee intake has increased this semester by a boatload, and I have reestablished my Junior-year-of-high-school love for Red Bull….mmmmmm.

Over these past few months, I have developed a solid design portfolio and resume. I have turned in projects that I was in love with and had full confidence in, and have altered my style some to reflect how I truly want to be seen. I have accomplished so many great things, and if one of the only negatives lately is the aspect of time passing so quickly, I should not fret. At least my time is being used how I want it to be used.

Towards the end of this daydream, I realized that the craziness of this semester and exhaustion I have been carrying lately is all worth it, and as I continue to push through it I will only thank myself even more. Sometimes it is important to just take some time to process, and I highly encourage you to take a minute or so whenever you can to process as well—even if it's a daydream.

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