There's no easy way to say goodbye to your loved ones — if you get a chance to say goodbye at all. I've come to learn the hard way that death touches us at the most random times. My hometown feels especially riddled with this hardship. For such a small population, we've lost a large amount of souls. Four of them were my friends.

Since I can be pretty non-confrontational and I'm definitely pretty weird, I like to avoid saying goodbye to those I've lost.

Personally, I believe in reincarnation. For a long time I have believed that our spirits remain on this plane until the "karmic circle," or whatever it is, is complete. Then perhaps we move on to some higher being. I don't know all the details.

All I know is that energy cannot be created or destroyed — so the energy of my fallen friends still exists here.

With this mindset, I like to "bring my friends" on adventures with me. I don't contact them via ouija board or seance or any of that spooky stuff. I'm honestly too afraid to try. Like I said, I'm non-confrontational. I fear they'll have a message for me that I won't want to hear.

What I mean by bringing them on adventures is that I sort of "channel" them whenever I am somewhere I know they would enjoy. I close my eyes and picture their face, imagine their voice, and really focus on their energy. I speak to them. I invite them to hang out with me.

And I feel them.

I felt Brady at the Kendrick Lamar concert. He and I had planned on going in 2017, just a few months before his passing. I fulfilled our wish this spring.

Brady CastroDevon Bennett

I feel Littia in almost every spiritual bookshop I enter, especially when I pick up a Wiccan book. She used to offer to do spells for me.

Littia SchwarzLittia Schwarz

I feel Hanna whenever I pick up a volleyball. I like to think she's playing games in the sand wherever she is. I know she is.

Hanna Cashell, Alexis Johnson, Devon Bennett, Tamiah Mitchell, Adam SofeAlexis Johnson

I feel Jadin almost everywhere. I channel him the most at really bougie stores and restaurants. He always had a taste for the finer things in life.

Jadin Bell and Devon BennettDevon Bennett

Anytime you're somewhere that really, deeply makes you remember your fallen friends, just give them a call. You'd be surprised how good it feels to hang out with them again. Just like old times.