The 7 Most Sustainable Things to Come Out of 2018
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The 7 Most Sustainable Things to Come Out of 2018

These innovations go above and beyond eliminating plastic straws

The 7 Most Sustainable Things to Come Out of 2018

Here's a list to lift your spirits. With a new year, let's take a second to reflect on all of the amazing things humans did to give back to Mother Earth this year!

1. 100 Coalitions Were Announced to Advocate for Climate Action and Sustainable Development at the 2018 Summit

World Economic Forum's 2018 Goals

World Economic Forum

"The implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals is an absolute must to ensure a peaceful and prosperous future for humankind. Governments are challenged to fulfil their commitments, but business has a key role to play in providing the know-how and the technologies to reach the objective in more efficient and innovative ways," said Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum. Learn more here!

2. Sustainable Fashion Gained More Ground Than Ever Before

There has been almost a 47% increase in in internet searches for ethical style and trend elements. This means that consumers have thought about where their clothes are coming from, as opposed to the traditional price-only outlook. In fact, there was such a large demand that EcoFashion Week saw a successful year as well! A change in consumer action is one of the most powerful, propelling forces in the green wave. Check out some amazing, affordable, and ethical fashion brands here.

3. Agraloop

There is tons of 'plant waste' made before we can get to the parts we desire to eat. In fact, pineapple leaves, the trunks of banana trees, and sugar cane bark produce tons of this fibrous "trash". But one company, Circular Systems, has learned to harness this plant fluff's true potential and is turning it into fiber for clothes! In fact, they also took home the 2018 Global Change Award. Trendy and environmentally friendly, now THAT'S a look. Check it out.

4. The trends of Bird and Lime

These competing brands bring an amazing edge to sustainable transportation. Most popular for their scooters and bikes, these are perfect for short commutes on a budget! Just $1 to activate and a few cents per minute, they're perfect for zooming to class, appointments, or just traveling that last mile from the bus stop home. Download bird or lime.

5. Chakr Shield Ink


One Indian company is going above and beyond to up their recycling game. By using the particulate matter left over from diesel engines, they are formulating ink! A revolutionary concept in all honesty. If all big corporations were to switch to this ink, from packing boxes and pallets, to consumer-ready labels and packaging, pollution would decrease immensely. Learn more here.

6. The Ecobrick Trend

This building material is formed from plastic bottles and other pieces of plastic waste. Basically, this is a way to give small pieces of micro plastic a second life. In addition to serving as a small building unit for less developed countries, ecobricks take away the fear of photo degradation and the leaching of harmful chemicals from plastic.

7. Edible Six Pack Rings

Whether you're throwing those holiday parties or just getting together with the squad for a Saturday hangout, these revolutionize the drinking game. As we've all probably seen, plastic in our oceans is a HUGE concern. In response to this pressing issue, a small brewery based in Florida, made a sustainable alternative. Using wheat and barley they created a completely biodegradable and edible six pack ring for their beers that is harmless for wildlife. Read more here.

Cheers to an even more sustainable 2019!


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