Supporting Our Own: 7 Black Owned Online Stores To Fall In Love With
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Supporting Our Own: 7 Black Owned Online Stores To Fall In Love With

Put your money back into your community with these businesses.

Supporting Our Own: 7 Black Owned Online Stores To Fall In Love With

Since I've started working and earning money for myself, I have made it a priority to make sure my hard-earned dollars are not only spent wisely, but in a way that is beneficial for my community as well. I think it imperative for members of the African diaspora in America to support one another, especially economically. In South Florida alone, there are a plethora of black-owned business, let alone all the amazing stores online. I am an online shopping enthusiast, and I have found my personal favorites in the Afro Arts business directory:

1. Abiyah Naturals

I have fallen in love with this brand's all natural skin and hair products! If you have natural hair, this is definitely a place for you.

2. Roots Collective

Need some empowering apparel, accessories and art prints? Roots is for you.

3. Citizins

I recently discovered Citizins by accident, and I'm so glad I did. These artworks are beautiful and powerful, and I definitely plan on ordering a few.

4. MaquiedyahCreations

All of these products are handmade!

5. PeaceImages Jewelry

My favorite pair of earrings come from PeaceImages. This jewelry is more like art you get to wear.

6. Tha Phunk Shop

Stores like Tha Phunk Shop are very much needed. The owner sells health and hygiene products free of any harmful chemicals, as well as necessities like shea butter and the essential oils.

7. Nubian Heritage

Nubian Heritage has a huge selection of body and hair products that we're always looking for. Not only can you find Nubian Heritage products online, they are now sold in stores like Walmart and Target!

If you want to share your favorite black-owned online stores, make sure you submit them to black business online directories!

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