14 Moments That Made The 'Supernatural' Season 12 Finale One Of The Best Yet
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14 Moments That Made The 'Supernatural' Season 12 Finale One Of The Best Yet

Two Winchester hugs, sassy Lucifer, doula Cas...the list of greatness goes on.

14 Moments That Made The 'Supernatural' Season 12 Finale One Of The Best Yet
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There is no doubt that Supernatural fans across the globe were stunned after the finale. Two hours gave the show ample time to yank us along on the longest emotional rollercoaster of the season—full of steep ups and downs and jarring twists and turns. The finale breathed new life into characters that—though I’ve always loved them—seemed to be missing some of their spark. The premise sent my hopes soaring: a massive face-off with the British Men of Letters, as well as one with Lucifer, and the birth of Lucifer’s child. My high hopes were met! Yes, the world of Supernatural suffered some huge losses, including three main characters: Cas, Rowena, and Crowley, but there was so much in the episode that made it worthwhile and softened the blows. (And it's Supernatural, at least one of the dead will return!)

In no particular order, here are the moments that I think made the finale so successful:

1. Dean in Mary’s head

Toni is a pest to the boys, and she causes nothing but pain, but I have to say, I feel a perverse sense of gratitude for her brainwashing of Mary because getting to witness Dean in Mary’s idealistic fantasy land in her head was one of the most moving and compelling parts of the episode.

First off, having Dean back in his childhood home wove sweet and sorrowful nostalgia into the finale, for both Dean and the viewers. We’d seen a similar scene in season five’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” but instead of young Dean, our older Dean was being cared for by Mary—with milk, sandwiches, and, of course, pie. If only he would’ve been wearing his “I wuv hugs” shirt about which Sam gave him so much grief.

Additionally, the contrast between zooming in on the innocent baby Sam in the crib and hearing Dean innumerate the devastations Sam has undergone was powerful to watch. Dean's always said he's supposed to look after Sam, and this scene emphasized just how much of a burden that was for him, being both a father and a mother, and feeling like he failed when harm came knocking on Sam's door.

Then came the waterworks, and anyone who religiously watches Supernatural knows that Jensen is especially excellent when acting in emotional scenes. His voice breaking when he said, “I hate you...and I love you,” was subtle but effective, conveying the resentment as well as the unfaltering love he has for Mary, love that pushes him to forgive her.

2. Jody

Jody Mills is one of a kind. She is reliable, tough, caring, and an all around badass. So no, technically “Jody” does not constitute a singular moment in the finale, but her presence alone was enough to elevate it from great to even greater. It’s always a pleasure to see her interact with Alex and the boys; she’s done so much for them. Jody comforting Dean with a simple gesture was her highlight moment for me.

3. The ruin of the British Men of Letters

Good riddance is all I have to say.

4. The hugs

I’d been waiting and waiting and waiting...endlessly waiting for the brothers to hug! Many prime opportunities were squandered throughout the season. I felt like Adam waiting to be rescued from the cage, but I hoped to be luckier, crossing my fingers for one of the brotherly hugs we all adore (I’m assuming everyone else adores them, too). And we got what we’d been waiting for! In fact, the show exceeded my expectations, blessing us with not just one hug, no siree, but with twoWinchester hugs!

Quick Recap of hug one: Dean believing in his little brother when saying, “I saw you, you’re ready for this. You show those sons of bitches who’s boss.” Then during the hug, a teary-eyed Dean said, “You got this...you come back.” To which Sam replied, “Promise.” That would have been more than enough to make me fawn over the brothers who’ve been through so much together, but it didn’t end there; the writers threw in the bitch-jerk line to really pull at our heart strings.

Quick Recap of hug two: Dean and Mary were talking, and Dean alleviated Mary's guilt over changing the course of their lives by making the deal with Azazel when he said, “Who we are...we kick ass...we save the world.” Mary followed that by saying, “And Sam, I’m scared...what if he can’t forgive me?” Cue Sam emerging from behind the wall in the bunker, as darling as ever, pulling her in for a hug as he told her she didn’t have to be scared. Dean put his hand on Sam's shoulder and said, “Glad you’re back, man,” and…wait for it....they had a group hug. I never ever imagined the tough Winchester clan to engage in a tender group hug, but they did, and it was lovely. Sam, though the youngest, looked like their guardian as he towered above them in the hug, holding the family he cherishes as close as possible. All of them were beaming, especially Mary. They were a family again, and nothing was sweeter.

5. Dean finally getting to use the grenade launcher

No lengthy explanation needed for this moment. We all have been waiting for it to happen!

6. The creation of the alternate reality

Definitely one of the most magical things to happen in the finale was the making of the alternate reality. The golden residual power of the baby transferred from Kelly to the car and then flew through the air like a chain of flaming, glittering stars. I know it was a brief moment, but it was beautiful!

7. Sam’s speech

Bold, preaching-of-doing-the-right-thing Sam is one of my favorites. After showing hesitancy in being a leader earlier on, he now said to his fellow hunters, “I want you to follow me...we will win.” He was self-assured and convincing. I sure would have followed him!

During his whole speech I was ready to give a standing ovation, and Dean obviously felt the same way, evident in his proud smile as Sam finished.

8. BOBBY! (well, kinda…)

Putting aside the fact that Mary is now stuck in the alternate reality with Lucifer, let’s think about how great it is that that grey, miserable world with red flashes of lightning and hellish demons brought us Bobby...Bobby-ish. Though I wish we could get the real Bobby back, I still loved seeing Jim Beaver play a different version of the character we know and love. We should all take a page from “Bobby’s” book, and add to our resumes “Hobbies/Passion: killing angels.”

9. The mention of "The French Mistake"

This was so quick it barely can be considered an actual moment, but I loved the mention of one of the funniest—if not, the funniest—episodes ever.

10. Crowley’s sacrifice

Based on me listing “Crowley’s sacrifice” as one of the moments that made the finale great, you probably think I hated him, or that I am happy about his death, but that is untrue. I thought he was a fantastic character! Snarky, ruthless, arrogant, prone to temper tantrums, and, though he tried to hide it, Sam and Dean’s number one fan. Therefore, it wasn’t the death that I enjoyed, it was the means by which his death came to be. His self-sacrifice was something one would never expect the king of hell to do. I only saw it coming once he told Sam that the spell to trap Lucifer needed a life.

RIP Crowley, we’ll miss you and your funny comments about Sam and Dean, my new favorite being your final comment on their appearance: “Big, beautiful, lumbering piles of flannel.”

11. Cas’ paternal side

If there were a prize for most earnest-eyed being in the world, Cas would win, no question. His devotion to Kelly and her unborn child was as endearing as endearing can be. He said, like a true father, “I will give my life for your son and I will raise him and I will make him someone you would be proud of.” Plus, he read over 70 books on child rearing and took an online doula class...an online doula class! Oh, Cas, you precious angel.

12. Lucifer being Lucifer

I am not thrilled with the big bad right now because he killed Rowena and Cas, (and indirectly killed Crowley, since Crowley only killed himself to spite Lucifer) but I still love him, mostly for his sass. Best Lucifer line of the night would be when Sam told him to go to hell, and he replied, “Oooh good one, witty, I’ll use that in the future."

13. Mary being there for her boys

I’ll be the first to admit that I was a bit very aggravated with Mary for leaving her boys, but she’s back, and she’s ready to be there for them. She came to the rescue of Dean by shooting Ketch, and she fearlessly took on Lucifer—she did say she “always wanted to punch the devil in the face.” I don't think getting stuck in an alternate reality with him was also on the bucket list, but hey, at least one of her wishes was granted!

14. Lucifer’s son being born

Sam followed a trail of fiery footprints to the child that could bring peace or utter chaos and destruction to the world. Which will it be? I, for one, hope that Cas’ vision will be realized: “I saw the future. I saw a world without pain or hunger or want. I saw the world that this child...that your child will create. And it is a world without fear and without suffering and without hate. I saw paradise.” But this child looks pretty evil to me, so who knows?

After that grand finale, several questions are running through my head. Is Cas really dead for good? Will Cas be back with the same personality, somehow, or as an alternate Cas? Will Lucifer's son resurrect Cas, seeing him as a father? Will Lucifer's child be a savior? A terror? What will happen to Mary? Will alternate Bobby help her? What about Lucifer?

We've got months before we find out, so try to be patient. In the meantime, what were your favorite parts of the finale?

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